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  1. The Expansion of Consciousness

    First of all let me say that I am coming into this discussion a bit late and I may be trying to cover too many points at once. There was so much said and it seemed that the discussion just ended when it was getting into greater depth and merit. There is so much to be said along the lines of the expansion of consciousness, (actually there can never be enough discussion about this topic) and I hope the discussion will continue.... IW Thank you for this post and for this link. (▶ Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary.WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS.Law of attraction/vibes - YouTube) It is quite educational and my greatest wish is that people would take it more seriously. We are all vibrational beings that effect each other and all that is around us. Everything contains consciousness. We are NOT our gender, profession, possessions, we are the consciousness that pervades all and we are connected to all of this through our consciousness. If we were to just acknowledge this and look at it deeply we could all change the world. As you pointed out in your post the studies of TM and Einstein (unified field), the potentials of such studies are enormous. If we would intend to work together within our consciousness and use this to “raise” the consciousness of those around us, instead of getting stuck in dogma, ego and rituals, we could honestly change the world. I am coming into this discussion a bit late and may miss a few points made. The evolution of our species has gone downhill and there are a lot of “blockages” and “obstructions”, as IW and Jeff pointed out. Behind all this is intention. It all starts with intention and although this may be a bit simplistic, if a small group of people would only start with the right intention of truly working together, letting go of ego, and truly wanting to expand/raise the consciousness of the small group, great gains could/would be had. As was pointed out by IW, TM did studies where a small group could bring the crime rate down in a city. Put someone at the lead of this to direct the intention of the group even to a higher aspect and such a group has the potential to change the direction of the world, for example stop wars. IW said “But as you mentioned an advanced leader who is well experienced in coordinating group states, as well as their own, is a big boost to any group efforts. “ It would be so beneficial if just for a short time people could be rid of their egos and actually let someone lead. In my experience, unfortunately, people don't want to give up their egos to listen, learn and actually let someone lead for while in order to advance. There seems to be the intention of competition. This is just unfortunate, and unnecessary. We are all spiritual and conscious beings, and we all can truly contribute to the highest good and greatest benefit, if only we would set that intention. 2 more important points that IW made were these: 1. Self knowledge, especially in terms of one's body-wide state, is required. The term “body-wide state” (“state”) refers to all the feelings that are in the practitioners' entire body. These must be known by holding them in one's awareness in subtle detail. Meditation is particularly useful for accomplishing this. By knowing your own state, you can also know any other persons' state, by feeling it. 2. You can't give what you don't currently have. Specifically, you can't send love if you aren't currently in a love state. The higher, stronger and more energetic the practitioners' state of love is, the more powerful their raising of others will be. It is necessary then to cultivate love inside yourself, (intending it into place by degrees) in order to successfully send it to others. Number 1, needless to say, is most important. How can one send out intentions or know the intentions of others, if one is not aware of their feeling elements/intentions. How can one aid others, if one is not taking care of themselves? Meditation is the key, but also is a minute to minute awareness of what is going on within and without. In today's world, everyone (or most) are too involved in the mundane, “busyness” and false images of society to even take stock of what is going on within them and in the world around them. If those that do practice meditation and make an effort to see things as they are would get together to improve themselves and the world around them, it could do so much to uplift humanity and help the species progress to a higher consciousness. My question is why don't people talk of such things more often and seriously? This,naturally, leads to the point of number two. First become aware of yourself, then one can send higher intentions/feeling elements to others. I hope that IW will explain in more detail. It seems to me that as one learns to improve or “raise” the intent elements in their own bodies, they could do this for other people. It is like doing a Reiki fills up with the Universal Energy, then lets it flow through them to the other person, environment or group. It is ALL intention, the basis of the matter is what type of intention is being used. There are so many points in this discussion worth discussing, but I don't want to dilute any points by bringing too many up in one post. We are all vibrational beings and we are all connected. Are we so afraid of losing ourselves in this group mind/consciousness that we won't look at it? And if we are, what is it exactly that we are losing? We can only gain in such focus. We can gain true knowledge of our essence and expand that knowledge in communion with others of like intent. What say you to this?
  2. Many Paths

    There are many roads to travel when seeking Truth and the Expansion of Consciousness. After reading many of the posts on your forum, it is obvious that this is a wonderful place to talk to people on varied and yet similar paths for the progression and ascension of the soul. I'm very excited to have found this forum and grateful for the people sharing their knowledge and journeys. In the short time I have read the posts, I have learned a lot and hope that I can contribute information also. Thank you for this opportunity to grow, collaborate and expand.