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  1. That Dark Side stuff

    Thanks, I thought videos couldn't show in threads like this, but they can!
  2. That Dark Side stuff

    I use to be fascinated with psychedelics as a teenager. Which eventually led me to discovering the musical act known as Shpongle. Their music was so groovy when I first started listening to them like 10 years ago. But after having abandoned my interest in psychedelics and having become more aware of things in general, I can now see the energy and twisted powers certain musicians have, as if they are acting on behalf of The Dark Side as I like to call it, one with the eyes to see will notice something is not quite the same with certain musicians, take for instance The Grateful Dead. Talk about that Dark Side stuff. Well it turns out Raja Ram & Simon Posford may not be human after all. I'm thinking interdimensional demons that have taken human form who like to warp minds. I don't listen to these types of music anymore, it's way more powerful and deep than a naive listener can even imagine...
  3. Purification of sexual urges. What is your best practice?

    My intent was to be able to use Magick as a tool to help me bring women into my sphere who would be suitable to be in a long term relationship with, you see it is quite difficult to encounter many vegetarian/vegan women whom are very open to my spiritual practice. It's easy to meet women, but it's very hard to meet an 'interesting' woman whom I could see myself marrying. But that's just a part of life I guess, I would still be interested in how to go about using Magick just to help me find nice women who have similar beliefs to me. "given this is the occult discussion section i'd say you could also use magick to attract a women or at least show you the kind of women your interested in and bring them into your sphere" I am interested in this, perhaps searching through older threads in this section would be a good place to start.
  4. Purification of sexual urges. What is your best practice?

    Care to elaborate on using magick to bring interesting women into our sphere? You have piqued my interest... Can you lead me to the right place to learn more about this?
  5. Purification of sexual urges. What is your best practice?

    Full lotus daily, horse stance daily. Just those two things seem to do the trick for me. I am a very sexual person and attribute daily mediation and physical exercise to being able to subdue my unruly lust. I have learned how to channel, sublimate, & transmute my desire to higher ends, but that's not to say I have transcended sexual desire. I still am very much attached to having great sex, but now it's non-ejaculatory sex and treated as a sacred and special occasion for me and my lover. Surely there are innumerable ways to tame and subdue the sexual impulse, to be the master rather than the slave... Also a vegetarian/vegan way of eating while avoiding garlic, onions, etc. If one does not have a pure diet, any amount of meditation, exercises, or techniques will do little to tame sexual desire...
  6. What are "you" ?

    I don't mean to be so dreary. I wish you all peace, happiness, and long life. May Kuan Yin watch over you all. Namo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa
  7. What are "you" ?

    I'm the great Leviathan, insatiable colossus Titanic engulfer of lives, I reward you, absorb you I'm the monstrous mouth that hungers for your awe Immense construction of lies. I own you, disown you I am life. I'm death. You empower me I'm a mammoth king evoked, conjured by your dreams Summoned by your fears. You need me, you feed me I'm the imposing giant. Infallible dictator My rules apply to all. You'll heed me, bleed for me I am life. I'm death. I decide your fate You empower me. You'd even kill for me Guzzling down your dreams - the tears of unheard pleas I drink, Imbibe with such delight the fear that floods your temporal shell Raging red rivers and streams - the kingdom of my shadow Where dread of man in endless night revives my every cell To those who doubt - your wounds will never heal To those who question my creation - I'm not real I am pain. I am grief. I'm the things you fear I'm the lie whispered into your ear I'm the great Leviathan. I'm dominance and greed You imagined me, so I was conceived I am life. I'm death. You belong to me Call me what I am. I am colossus (Jk, I'm not colossus, colossus is birth and death, the very cycle I'm trying to escape ASAP! As I would encourage all weary travellers to try and do quickly!)
  8. sobering facts

    You have to let go of all your attachments to become enlightened or immortal, for me this is a very sobering fact. I want to live a worldly life with many blessings, but also want to become accomplished spiritually. Finding a balance is the key I think. One cannot just renounce all their desires if they're not ready, that would lead to insanity or abandoning spiritual cultivation altogether.
  9. What are you watching on Youtube?
  10. What are you listening to?

    I'm not a fan of the sax, but she makes me appreciate it, oh so much.
  11. What are you listening to?

    Omg, thanks so much for introducing me to Fuzzbox! Love it! This is what I'm listening to, trying to dissect its' meaning while reading the lyrics, Reaching for the inner bright, the very essence-sun of my dreaming bliss Guided by a fear blinded outside all shades of the perfect black The scattered jigsaw of my redemption laid out before my eyes Each piece as amorphous as the other - Each piece in its lack of shape a lie Me - the paragon of fear, an immobile skein of tangled nerves exposed Hastily clawing my way into the darkest of my inner scenes of torture I stay my breath to escape this slavery I stay my breath to re-awake and face it encore The struggle to free myself of restraints, becomes my very shackles It's my dark little secret that I listen to this kind of music. Lol, my friends and loved ones have no idea I have a taste for such things.
  12. addiction to air, food and water

    Air as in inhalants like nitrous, food as in overeating, and water as in liquid pcp. Ok, I can understand your addictions if you translate the slang.
  13. Consciousness does not exist time

    Why not take a step outside time for a moment, and enjoy an interesting little comic, lol song is just for fun: Or for those of more Buddhist oriented minds, a video on consciousness by a very insightful Theravādan Ajahn: Were those passages from the Shurangama Sutra Vmarco? Going to read that someday, not quite prepared for those profound teachings yet in my cultivation, still a few attachments that need to be let go of hehe! Don't want to get confused reading such lofty teachings if one is not ready...
  14. Mind Control in the Martial Arts

    I would say most karate schools in the area where I'm from are not completely genuine, in fact most are mainly concerned with making a profit, teaching flashy moves and supposedly teaching self discipline and other fine qualities of character. Actually there is one decent karate school in the closest major city to here, but other than that it's all McDojos and Blackbelt Factories. If you can find a good karate school by all means get into it. I think the important thing with any martial art is that you find a genuine teacher who is most concerned with passing on the philosophy and cultivating oneself in all aspects of being a person, not just physical stuff, and is not just out for a profit. Might I recommend the book Beyond the Known,