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  1. Japan sucked ass. Eh... I'm on Facebook, by the way.

  2. Hello

  3. The Cool Picture Thread

    Um, I took this picture: and turned it to this by using Photoshop: You'll have to click the photo to enlarge it, obviously.
  4. Hello, everyone.

    Ah, ha. That's my job. Hello.
  5. I shan't question this sudden flow of money. (WTF?!)

  6. Natural Law and Self-Preservation

  7. probably a bot

  8. Siri doesn't understand my accent, lulz.

  9. Eeeeeh, I shaved off my mohawk. I feel naked now.

  10. I will remember you

    You, sir, are Epic.
  11. I will remember you

    Yeah, it's an app.
  12. I will remember you

    I can do the dance. I did it once in an Apple store.

    OMG, someone get me outta SC. ROTFL, I thought that said "Senator Lindsay Lohan". Almost worried there for a nanosecond.