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Found 13 results

  1. What's up people

    Hi, I am a young man just trying to find his way. I have become recently interested in Taoism. I would love some advice on books to read or paths to take as I am new too all of this. I'm agnostic but lean christian as that is my upbringing. I love sports and reading.
  2. Hi World

    Hello I am new to this site, I practice SFQ and Zhineng Qigong. I would like to learn, Flying Phoenix Qigong. I am from Santiago de chile.
  3. Hello

    Greetings to whomever this may concern, my name is Hunter, and I am new to this forum. Not too long ago, I found Daoism through the likes of George Thompson and Alan Watts. While participating in this forum, I hope to make like-minded friends and to learn more about Daoism and how to implement it in my daily life. I will turn twenty in little over a month and I would like to begin my journey of a thousand steps with the aid of like-minded people. Thank you and I hope that I find you to be doing well...
  4. Hello

    Hi everyone. It's been a long time coming that I say hey, so here it is. G'day. I've had an interest in spirituality for what is coming up to a decade, and as my life has unfolded its brought me to this point: a sincere commitment to the way. It'll be good to participate here.
  5. Hello Dao Bums

    Hi, I’ve been practicing Flying Phoenix qi gong since July 2017. I read through the FPCK thread here through the fall and winter of 2017 - 2018, and continued to check in occasionally for updates. After the thread went private, I let go of the desire to read the thread... but now I’m curious to see if there’s anything new. So here I am actually signing up and saying hello! Anyway, I’m very much a beginner, just looking for info to supplement qi gong practice.
  6. Yo

    Hello all: I've been interested in daoism since late 2014, especially early Daoism, the Ddj, and Zhuangzi. Looking forward to sticking around for a long while, and scratching many of my itches of questions regarding dao along the way. Cheers, Z
  7. First time post and greetings

    I am of course new here. I have been doing Tai Chi & Zhan Zhuang for a while now. I mostly come here to pay attention. I post now only as a requirement. Be well.
  8. Ronald´s First Post on TTB

    Hello Everyone, General Thank you for your kindness in accepting me on your forum. TTB forum I have been reading the forum for years to take a look at the interesting comments. However, I never felt the need to comment or convince other people of my findings so I am not really a big opinion poster or comment poster. Personal Track Record I spend a lot of time practicing Tai chi, Hsing Yi and Bagua Zhang I REALLY like and enjoy reading the post related to Flying phoenix, Bak Fu and other interesting types of chi gong and Nei gong. :D With my best regards , Ronaldk Foot note Probably I could have written this a bit a better but I am tired from a long day at work
  9. Hello, friends :)

    Alright where to begin... Ah, right, hello. My name is Mikias, pronounced Mik-ee-us . I'm 24 years old and currently living in Ethiopia but grew up in Canada and I'd like to tell you my daoist story. Here we go. I was going through some big life changes this last year and decided to get healthy. After quitting smoking, excessive drinking and drugs, I realized that I was still tired, unmotivated and unhappy. The only thing left was porn, and like many men who grew up in the age of high speed internet, I was a serious porn addict. So I did some reading and stumbled on Mantak Chia's books the Multi-O Man and Taoist Secrets. It made perfect sense to me, so I quit porn and started practicing solo-cultivation. More than any other change in my life, this was the most effective. The energy boost, the improved mood and general happiness was amazing. I was more social, extremely energetic and killing the gym. And after about the 10th day I would enter this euphoric state, where I was bursting with energy and always smiling. But, I got caught up in the multiple orgasm aspect of it cultivating for longer and longer periods until I go over the edge. I haven't been able to get past 14 days of cultivation without ejaculating. The temptation get's too strong, and alas, I'm too weak. The one bonus is that my PC muscle is tanky af from all my practice lol. And I've only been cultivating for a few months so maybe 14 days isn't a bad achievement. Anyway, now I want to take it more seriously. I'm hoping to go longer than 30 days, so I need to study and get more motivation to resist the temptation. I'm hoping this forum will have the information and insights to help me go past my current limit. I'm excited to join this forum and see what everyone else is working towards. - Mikias
  10. First Post: Discovering Mo Pai Nei Kung

    Discovering Mo Pai Nei Kung Hey everyone, I'm new here and searching for something. If you're curious; I just turned 25, and I'm from the US. I'm interested in learning Mo Pai Nei Kung... So, I'm here! From what I've found online, John Chang's school and students are in Indonesia somewhere. So, it looks like I'm moving there (somewhere) after I finish my schooling (around 2-4 more years). I'm dedicated, so I read whatever I can about Mo Pai and similar schools. If you know of anyone or anything that may help me on my path, please don't hesitate to let me know. P.S. I've heard that they don't accept students from the US anymore. I'm ok with that. I feel that this is part of my path in this life... So, if it's meant to happen, it will. If not, I know I will have tried my hardest. Thanks for taking the time to read this and learn a little bit about who I am. Enjoy the rest of your day... Namaste.
  11. Namaste All

    Namaste all, so this is my first encounter with the tao bums community & I feel very blessed to be here. I'm still getting to know the how the site works & am giving much appreciation to anybody who reaches out, I hope our worlds collide
  12. Hello, everyone.

    Hi. I don't really know what all I'm supposed to say here, but I'll try not to bore anyone. I just stumbled across this forum today after doing a Google search for Andrew Nugent-Head, who I Googled because I had just watched a couple of lectures he did on the Tao Te Ching. This seems like an interesting place full of interesting people, so I thought I'd register and join in. I read the Tao Te Ching for the first time four years ago, and it made no sense to me. I thought it was meaningless babbling with a few wise proverbs thrown in. About four years ago, I reread it and could hardly believe it was the same text. It absolutely blew my mind. Since then, I've been reading different translations, read a bit of Chuang Tzu, etc., but really never had any idea if there was anything I could do about this new (to me) thing that I had discovered. More recently, I came across a bit of discussion on "inner cultivation," and the idea of kind of scraping away the things that keep a person out of harmony with the Tao, and I'm interested in learning more about that. Which is another reason I joined here, since there seem to be people here who actually know Chinese, which means I can get advice from people who aren't just reading Western writers' interpretations of things. Anyway, I hope I haven't been too boring, or accidentally said something foolish or offensive to anyone. Have a wonderful day!
  13. Well I have a friend I use to be close with who since has moved a couple counties away from me. We have not been as close the last two years because of this x school x responsibilities ( the speed of the life we all are living currently). Anyway he posted on fb talking about using a mr.ouija, I commented saying the intention of those things are iffy and that's being curtious. After, I immediately messaged him to have a more private conversation about his well being since using the board. He told me for the past month since using it weird things had been happening at a slowly increasing rate. He describe to me the feelings of being watched in his home stepping out the shower and sometimes something standing over him while he's trying to sleep. I don't remember my friend being the most spiritually intact or faithful person when we use to hang out. I assume he was playing with the wegi expecting nothing greatly underestimating its "power" if u will. Any way I sent him pictures of exorcist sutras to see his reaction. Thankfully he didn't react in a violent matter which is greAt because that means they do not harbor inside him, but he did describe the atmosphere around him becoming pist off and tense at the sight of the sutras 🙌. Next after further research into the subject thanx to this site And others I found the potentness the Heart sutra has when it comes to exorcism. I made him play the chant from YouTube, say it to himself and out loud. At first he describe to me a feeling of his soul leaving his body. I made him say it again describing how he must belive in the pure clean energy of those words in order for it to work. He tried again, this time he described the presence of a violent fire surrounding him and I think he felt a little better just tired. I told him he must do this everyday for a week then two more weeks to be sure he is cleansed. 6 days in and yesterday he told me its been getting worse but was working at first. Does my friend have the faith required to exorcise himself or does he need professional help? I have another idea for him to write the sutra down word for word on paper and burn it in a bowl to drink the ashes with purified water. But I need to know if this is advisable really idk if he has anything to lose doing it. Also the demon told him his name, I WILL be saying the name here for the sake of those trying to help who might need to research, for your personal safety I would refrain from saying it out loud~~ It is~~Bel*al® ~~thanx in advance for the help.