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  1. You have just 2 days left to get yourself a used (but immaculate condition) copy of Gary Clymans Nei Kung Bible on ebay. Don't miss out!
  2. nei kung

    I am selling my copy of the Nei Kung Bible on ebay if anybody is interested.
  3. Gary J. Clyman interview & biography "You can!"

    If anyone is interested, I have a copy of G.C.s Nei Kung Bible for sale on ebay. Feel free to purchase! and yep, he is definitely the REAL DEAL
  4. Mind Light nei kung and Tidal Wave chi kung?

    On the subject of G.C. I have his Nei Kung Bible for sale on ebay.
  5. I have a copy of Gary Clymans Nei Kung Bible for sale on ebay if anyone is interested...
  6. Gary Clyman

    If anyone is interested, I am selling a copy of Gary Clyman's Nei Kung Bible on ebay. Get it while you can!
  7. question about condensing breathing and other questions

    Despite quite a lot of negative hype, in my opinion Gary Clyman condensing breathing is indeed worth trying. I haven't suffered any ill effects from condensing breathing. As far as semen retention and jing cultivation goes I would also have to say Gary Clyman. Having practiced his system of Chi kung, I can tell you the microcosmic orbit gives you a sexual release thus allowing you to keep the 'sexual energy' that would normally go out of your body in orgasm/ejaculation, inside your body.
  8. Hi, my name's Daniel and I'm an alcoholic...

    I also like short skirts and bikinis...
  9. Newbie (Sex addict - Tao Helping me in so many ways)

    Hello Ambitious Child, have you ever tried having sex without orgasm? This could be a possibility in helping you with your predicament.
  10. Past Lives Just a Myth?

    I personally have no memories of past lives, but I have always known from a young age (a child) that my consciousness is seperate from my physical body and have therefore never been afraid of death. I would recommend reading a book which can be downloaded for free called thiaoouba prophecy. I don't want to give too much away, but it contains LOADS of must read info!
  11. Hi, my name's Daniel and I'm an alcoholic...

    Haha, just kidding. Hi to everyone on this forum. I look forward to enjoying my time using this site! My interests are as follows(and in no particular order): -Taoism -Spirituality generally speaking -Martial arts -Business and Entrepeneurship -Intentional communities -Women -Movies -Music -Dance -Meditation -Diet and health -Reading, etc, etc Yeah! Feel free to ask questions if you want...