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  1. nobody needs anybody' opinion that's why we go on implementing final solutions when we target the blameworthy solely based on the impression that they did it. this is why power is so important we hate it when we don't have it and we are hated when we do "i don't need your opinion" and that's when the panzers roll
  2. Sex Crimes and the Vatican

    why not? why can't one have them both? does the mind have to be dirty?
  3. if the jews were exterminated and you feel bad then you need to take responsibility for that yes, you! personally you! don't blame hitler and don't blame the germans if you do that, then you are racist to the core! and you should indeed find that mindset hateful every time a black man is killed by another black man in america it's called black on black violence everytime a human being is killed by another human being in the world it's should be called human on human violence none of us is innocent of the crime don't discriminate you are bad and i am holy i study the tao and you are a beast what crap! you know what? i never did understand what the jews had to do with anything. to me, that - what happened to those folks - sad as it was, should have been a footnote within the historical context of human on human brutality and we are still at it! nuclear weapons stockpiles in their thousands have all our names on them each is more lethal than the two that fried the japanese in 1945. the second world war was a colossal social phenomenon like the mother of all hurricanes i know the first world war was no small rumble but it doesn't move me as much as the second world war don't get me wrong it bothers me when people - regardless of ethnic origin - get killed the brutality that the "chinese" suffered at the hands of the "japanese" was unbelievably horrible it's disingenuous to finger point the japanese we are evil all of us
  4. Fascism + Solutions

    getting the boot from an ass is not the same as getting a polite request from the manager of a fine establishment. it has nothing to do with your yin-yang balance. no one likes to be man-handled
  5. Fascism + Solutions

    who is to be blamed for that? nobody because there is no one in the goddam boat that just drove a hole in your hull leading to the drowning of all the children. which part of chuang tzu's "empty boat" parable you don't understand? the moral of that parable is don't mess around the little pebble you remove may be holding back a humongous boulder that can fall and cause a whole mountain side to slide wiping out an entire village you can't blame the mountain because it's as "empty" as the boat even the fool who moved the pebble is blameless there is no one there
  6. NAJA does come on strong and his views are moving you the way a catholic priest get moved by a real hot chick in a bikini the priest doesn't like that either even though we love it.
  7. i read that a long time ago along with tons of other material practically all are as biased as the history channel none has anything good to say about hitler's germany i won't accept evaluations based on other people's sentiments derailed? that's your opinion. you should focus on the topic instead of playing sheep-herder
  8. U.S. funded genocide in Indonesia - new documentary

    well, the op is full of it. anyone who tries to hawk anti-american propaganda has to prove they can back up what they say i am on the ground and not a clueless activist lapping out anything bad about his own country i know i won't change your sentiments about america love of country - like loyalty to one's own folks - is inborn and cannot be cultivated and i intend to defend the fort even if i am the last man standing at the alamo
  9. Sex Crimes and the Vatican

    it's an ideal not many can realize. the problem is not the concept of celibacy the problem lies with practitioners who doesn't understand its principle it's the same with everything else in life
  10. U.S. funded genocide in Indonesia - new documentary

    why did you not answer my questions? why were you arrested? what are you accusing the usa of specifically with regard to the killings in indonesia? don't run away if you want to wrestle with issues takut?
  11. Fascism + Solutions

    hey, i'm with you, man. i agree with all that you are saying. i'm surprised you even got back in. but the tao bums is like a tea shop meant for reflection about freedom it's not actually a meeting place for revolutionaries who are serious and want to cut out the foreplay using your anarchy argument the tao bums also has its free will which - in accordance with your anarchy principle - needs to be respected and that gives the mods the same shoot-to-kill right as you against any oppressor i like your style either create your own website or show me the website that allows a free-for-all i would head there to debate your views
  12. it just so happens that the oil is within nigerian terrirtory. if the usa is as bad as you say, she could just move in a gunship and take that oil for free the nigerians don't know how to get that oil out of the ground and that is why they hired the oil companies to get the oil out meanwhile the nigerians fight among themselves for the oil money chevron doesn't give a shit who gets the money nigerian government or the delta thugs chevron doesn't really care. all they want is their cut for doing the job. they want the oil money, sucker. you think they care about anything else? western oil companies are contractors hired by the nigerian government if there are any environmental trade-offs, it is for the nigerians to make the call. the oil companies would drill your skull if you paid them the right price it's your skull and you are making the call if it's not the right thing to do, don't blame the oil companies kick your own butt thugs, selfish thugs out for themselves they are no different than the somali pirates on the other side of africa you do have a problem, my man. i need to psycho analyse you
  13. munich? another activist conspiracy theory? well, you are the fear-monger spreading stuff about the enemy you hate: the usa what academic documents? chomsky's rants?
  14. U.S. funded genocide in Indonesia - new documentary

    great! you are on the ground in indonesia and so am i. let's see which one of us is telling lies about the usa. take your word on what issue? that the usa was behind the mass-killing associated with the political clash between suharto and the communist party of indonesia (PKI)? ok, let's assume that you are telling the truth. at any rate, none of your connections can gain you any access to material facts for serious discussion people who get arrested always say that. what was their reason for arresting you? how well connected? in corrupt indonesia the only connection of any value is money chances are you were arrested by mistake maybe you look like che guevara otherwise there would be no way in hell you could have gotten sprung free without payment of money especially with your indonesian chinese in laws pleading your case. you know know shit, buddy. just answer my questions i posed to you if you want to prove you are right about usa involvement in indonesia and using google translate isn't going to impress me one bit.
  15. U.S. funded genocide in Indonesia - new documentary

    looks like you are more tech savvy than i am. i'll bet the nsa can locate me in a second. i am not just in indonesia for a vacation i know the region, not just jarkarta. listened to stories of chinese professionals and business tycoons who fled genocide and racism to borneo, singapore and malaysia even opportunistic americans had stories to tell about how they moved in at the height of the genocidal rampage to snatch up dirt-cheap brand-new heavy earth-moving caterpillars for shipping back to projects in the usa. all that proves, to me, the entire story is fabricated to stir up anti-american sentiments the us messing around in central and south america could make geo-political sense indonesia?!