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Joe Cell effect without Joe Cell? - examining it spiritually

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I'll try to keep it short...


The Joe Cell ... search for pictures and maybe basic info if you don't know it. After reading some detailed reports, I was wondering about possible similarities between the orgone that the Joe Cell uses and this "magnetic" type of chi. Maybe you who are experienced in inner cultivation can see parallels:


The cell's inner ring is connected to the car's mass and the outer ring, the casing, connected to the lid and its hose that runs closely towards the engine block without actually touching it, avoiding electrical leads or water hoses. The rings in-between are isolated from inner and outer ring, with electrolytic water in-between. It can be reset by applying 3-digit-AC for a day and starting it up is made a lot easier by filling it with energetically charged water, e.g. through orgonite or magnets' north poles. In the car first it might need battery energy to get going. After some time of the engine idling, the cell's effect occurs, and the stronger it gets, the worse the engine runs, until in the end, the engine actually kind of rejects the gasoline and now runs implosion-based on air and orgone. When you now advance the ignition timing to minus 70-90 degrees, the engine will run smoothly. It doesn't run on hydrogen-oxygen-gas like Stan Meyers's cell, which works by involving orgone or some similar type of energy in the electrolytic process! Ideally there will be no electrolysis in the cell, and also can't be, because later it is disconnected from electrical energy.

Now it becomes even more crazy: The longer the car runs on the Joe Cell, the more fortified it becomes against negative influences like all kinds of radiation ... or negative emotion. After some time, it is said that the engine was so thoroughly charged/converted that you can remove the Joe Cell and the egine still runs. Probably the cooling system (the water by now will have separated from the anti-freeze-additive and no longer mix with it) now serves as the passage-opener for the flow of orgone.


Now I - being totally open-minded and thinking 100 steps in advance :lol: - wondered: It's a complicated task to build and tune a Joe Cell without any former experience with it. My theory is that you can eventually do everything that a machine can do with your own body, expecially when both is based on life-energy. When understanding how the Joe Cell works, which could be accomplished by energy cultivators, could it be possible ( of course, but how? ;) ) to make an engine run on this form of energy without using a Joe Cell?

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