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I love my mice

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To your amusement:

Why change a proven system?


When it comes to mice, you can call me an arch-conservative computer freak.


Intro: This is my whole computer mouse history since roughly 15 years:

My mice so far


The dirty-looking surface on the right is the nice-feel-coating. This and the logo are now completely gone and the mouse actually looks like new. Furthermore it's equipped with easy-gliders, because the original (and one set of Logitech replacements) were used up a long time ago.


Now something happened that can only happen to people like me I guess: The left button's switch had a defect! :o Sometimes didn't work, sometimes signalled twice or randomly.

No wonder ... Made in China. The old switches were made in Japan. How do I know this?

I took a switch from the old mouse and soldered it to the new one. :lol:




By the way... my keyboard history:

- Cherry G81-3000LPDDE

- Cherry G81-3000LPDDE


I needed the new one when the AltGr key of the old one didn't work anymore. The new one was not properly manufactured; some keys made a noise. I immediatly replaced them with keys from the old one. Currently the laser engravings of the A and the down arrow key are a bit outworn. :lol:

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