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Here is my intro:

Turned 50 last month, originally from Germany, living in Taiwan (daoist and buddhist, hence my title) for 16 years.

I studied Sinology, Ethnology, Science of Religions, Chinese Archeology and German as A Foreign Language.

Got MA and PhD in 3 of the above. Work here in Taiwan for more than 10 years at a university, teaching German. Specialized in early Daoist studies (up to Han) and the Neo Daoism of the Song Dyn., also Yijing studies.

Train mostly ICMA since 26 years, Chen and Yang styles of Taijiquan, but also some Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and lots of Neigong (5 Animal Frolics etc). A bit external, I also do, for the fun of it.

In sparetime I write on my hobby, mostly in German.

Or I work in the garden which I cleared from the southern Taiwan jungle, growing organic veggies and some fruits, like mango, maracuja, papaya, guava and pittahaya.

I love my little German white mini Schnauzer which I took in from the street.

And I love my Chinese wife of 26 years as well!

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