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hi my name is Brandon Pearson im 18 years old i live in the USA.

i first got interested in Taoism when i was turning 17 .. i new that what i wanted more than anything was wisdom strange i no for a kid my age living the the US but what i seek in live is far more valuable than the false American dream.. i seek enlightenment and to maby who knows become a taoist immortal one day .

i have so much to say but i must be getting to bed soon

the US empire is falling and will collaps perhaps in my life time so living a material life is not for me and is boring anyway.

i wish to tavel to china to be taught taoism from masters and learn martial arts and nei kung and Mo-pai.

i am also going to travel to indonesia to seek out potential taoist immortal john chang...


nothing really makes sence in life except for the taoist way of life... it just (makes sense) i cant explain it.. its like how we were meant to live not living in from of our tv's and computers night after night.


i seek enlightenment and hopefully u guys can help me along my way :)


what i know of taoism i have only read in books that books i have read are

The Magus of Java

Seven Taoist Masters

Nei Kung

Tales of Taoist Immortals

Teachings of the Tao

Cultivating stillness

clear light of bliss



yes i have read ALL of those books no joke a couple of them twice


i am starting to read... the complete I ching - its not easy tho :)


i no from reading the books that the true tao cannot be learned from reading a book i need to seek a master



if i found a master to teach me taoism i would devote my LIFE to him and his teachings

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I wish someone had told me the importance of daily meditation practice when I was 18, so thats what I'd like to tell you. Its not just to feel relaxed, it helps the body transform, evolve. There's lots of good info at Now, some people think that 18 year olds are too immature and self-absorbed to be able to make progress on the path of alchemical transformation, but I think its a matter of understanding the importance of enlightenment or immortality. Wish u luck.

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