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Year of the Ox

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From Ken Cohen's e-mail list. I just forwarded all of it.


HEALING WAYS: THE TEACHINGS OF KENNETH COHEN (email: [email protected]) (email: [email protected])



Dear Friends, Students, and Colleagues,




I hope your Chinese Year of the Ox is off to a good start! May I tell you something you might not know about my education? I am one of the senior feng-shui practitioners in North America, an art closely connected with Chinese astrology. I was an apprentice to feng shui master Huang Gengshi in the 1970s and include details of his teachings in my home study audio CD course The Beginner's Guide to Feng Shui, published by Sounds True. Don't let the name fool you-- my publisher chose the name, not me. This is a very complete program, from the beginning stage to the more advanced.


Here is a summary of astrological details for this year. Now, don't get fanatic about this. So-called "predictions" are only tendencies. You become free and less bound by the stars to the extent that you know who you are.


Every year is ruled by an element and an animal. This is an Earth Ox year.

However, each animal is also associated with an element. Because Ox is Earth, this is an Earth Earth year.


(A bit of trivia: China and Mexico are the only ancient cultures in the world that have this two part calendrical system. In China, each day, like each year, is associated with an element and an animal: earth ox, fire monkey, wood dragon, etc. In the ancient Mayan and Aztec calendars, each day is identified by a number and a day name, generally taken from a natural phenomenon. For example, in the Mayan Tzolk'in Calendar one might be born on a 4 Waterlily day. Or in the Aztec Tonalpohualli Calendar, an event occurring on the day 4 Water might have special significance. Both cultures, Chinese and Mexican, also have prophetic traditions. For example, according to the 4th Century classic Hou Sheng Dao Jun Jing, the Annals of the Sage Who Is To Come, the world will end in 2012 AD, and only those living in the mountains in harmony with the Tao will survive. Sound familiar? The current cycle of the Mayan calendar also comes to a close in 2012!)


Earth Ox Year Prediction: Dedication and perseverance will yield good results. The Ox reminds us of the importance of earth/stability and the need to return to principles, ideals, and values. Money will disappear quickly this year-- just as earth absorbs water-- but it will return, if we unify our minds and hearts and work hard for the common good. Yes, our country is in a financial crisis. In my opinion this is the result of greed and taking a short-term, quick-profit view of life. However, Chinese astrology suggests that we may be able to turn things around.


An earth earth year may also warn of earth changes, especially earthquakes and landslides.


San Sha-- "Three Killing Forces" Every year, there is a direction of bad luck (San Sha)-- disaster, accidents, financial loss, etc. This year san sha zai deng "The killing forces are in the East." That means it is best not to travel East, buy a house this year with a main door facing East, build an eastern addition to your house, etc. In general, be careful regarding any phenomena associated with the East. You can neutralize the san sha by placing 3 bamboo plants or representations of bamboo plants (paintings or sculptures) in the Eastern part of your home. One or three Bronze statues of the Chinese unicorn may also work.


Wu Huang "The Five Yellow Sick Forces" This year illness is associated with the North. Again, don't travel North, buy home with a north facing main door, add a new north section to your home, etc. Neutralize the wu huang with a small altar in the North. Place symbols of your spirituality-- a statue, a holy book, candles, flowers-- and offer prayers for peace and health.


Tai Sui-- the shadow of Jupiter, a star that exists in a spiritual dimension, invisible to the eye or to the telescope. Each year this star oppresses the fate of certain natal signs. In 2009, tai sui may cause difficulties for people born in the year of the Dragon, Dog, and Sheep. Even if you didn't burn a Tai Sui talisman on Chinese New Years Day-- yes there is such a thing-- it's not too late to go outside on a starry night and offer incense and prayers for a harmonious and lucky year.


Auspicious Directions: the South (especially for romance and education) and the Southeast (for general good luck). If you are trying to conceive, try moving your bed to the south or southeast corner of the bedroom.






I hope you can join me for some of the exciting programs this spring. For a brochure and registration/tuition details, please contact the sponsors.


April 1-5 PRIMORDIAL QIGONG seminar in Hohenwald, TN at the beautiful Gray Bear Retreat Center. I taught there last year. What an experience! an ecological preserve, a large classroom studio that looks out on original forest, comfortable lodging, and organic home cooked food. Gray Bear is a few hours from the Nashville airport. Primordial Qigong is the legacy of Hu Yaozhen, the Taoist priest who coined the terms "qigong" and "medical qigong" and was one of the first to use qigong therapeutically in hospitals in China. I trained in this technique as a principal student (and close friend) of 80 years young Madame Gao Fu as well as in seminars with her teacher, Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. You will learn the complete system of 12 healing exercises for purification, energy renewal, and inner peace. Although our primary focus will be prevention and well-being, Primordial Qigong has been applied clinically in the treatment of Cancer, and my Primordial Qigong presentations have been hosted by numerous hospitals and medical organizations. Gray Bear Lodge, 615-782-0469.


April 17-19 at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts (near Albany, NY airport). The program includes lodging and delicious cuisine. THE WAY OF QIGONG, a great introductory workshop that includes the famous Yi Quan Standing Meditation style to improve posture, breathing, energy flow, and coordination. 1-800-741-7353,


April 19-24 also at Kripalu Center the only EXTERNAL QI HEALING seminar this year! This weeklong program will probably have only 10-20 participants, so it is an ideal way to get intensive instruction and personal attention. Suitable for complete beginners as well as health care professionals. Learn how to "charge" your body to be a more effective healer, how to maintain clear energetic boundaries to prevent losing energy or over-empathizing with people who are ill, how to sense and analyze qi imbalance, and how to project healing energy from your hands. We will practice External Qi Healing as a stand-alone healing treatment but also explore how it complements and dramatically improves the effectiveness of massage therapy, acupuncture, reiki, nursing, and other modalities. You will receive a certificate at the end of the program. 1-800-741-7353,


May 15-17 THE FIVE ANIMAL FROLICS at Aviana Retreat Center near Harrisburg, PA. This one doesn't include food and lodging, but hotels are nearby, and, like the centers above, the setting is beautiful: tranquil forest and streams. The Five Animal Frolics is the oldest qigong still practiced today (2nd Century AD). Learn the Crane and Deer Frolics, approximately 20 postures and movement patterns. The Crane develops balance, relaxation, and inner stillness; complemented by the Deer for vitality, elegance, and healing presence. Both of these Frolics teach better posture and deeper breathing. Experiential sessions will be complemented by an introduction to qigong science (how and why it works) and a cross-cultural discussion of animal symbolism. We will also practice meditations that tune us to the beauty and power of nature. 717-469-7930.


May 29-31 TAOIST HEALING SOUNDS QIGONG: PURIFICATION AND RENEWAL in Boulder, Colorado will be limited to 35 participants. We still have ten spaces left! Learn the famous system of gentle movement, breathing, and sound to vibrate away stagnant or toxic qi from the internal organs. The course will also include Chinese music therapy-- how specific notes affect health and meditations for energy balance and harmony. Enjoy springtime in the Rockies, and meet classmates from all over North America at our Saturday night Chinese banquet. 303-258-0971, [email protected]


June 4 QIGONG FOR CANCER LECTURE, June 6-7 PRIMORDIAL QIGONG WORKSHOP, first time in Ottawa, Ontario, and the only seminar in Canada this year! See a detailed description at


June 20-21 (Summer Solstice Weekend) Join my wife, Grace Alvarez Sesma, and I for this unique event at a spectacular location in the mountains west of Boulder (near Nederland, approximately 40 minutes from Boulder). MOUNTAIN, EARTH & SKY: INDIGENOUS HEALING WISDOM. Experience the use of prayer, song, plants, and ritual in the Native healing traditions of North America and Mexico. Awaken your dreaming mind, and merge with El Gran Silencio, the Great Silence of Spirit. 303-258-0971, [email protected] Please note that on the weekdays before this workshop Grace still has openings for private healing sessions and consultations.







Please forward this email to your list or to anyone interested. If have received this as a forward, you may join our email list by going to Click on the "Contact Us" section and fill out all information. You will receive an email confirmation. Be sure to respond to it, and then you will be on the list. We protect your privacy and do not trade or sell mailing lists. Please visit the website for further information and a listing of all 2009 lectures, workshops, and events.



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