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howdy folks

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hello all,


i actually stumbled upon this forum a couple of months ago, when a member here, gossamer (hope shit works out for ya), started posting in another daoism forum that i post in called (or dao is insane if you prefer ;) ) i live in california


i ran across the dao de jing a few years ago when i started to become interested in spiritual endeavors. it was the first major work of any tradition that i read (yes even before really had much exposure to christianity or bible, besides a little bit when i was younger and the obvious societal conditioning that goes w/ said tradition, had never actually read the bible, only heard quoted) and when i read it i had no idea of any history, lineages (still kind of an odd concept in some ways to me), or any of the actual practices (qi gong, tai ji, etc.) and i suppose you could say that i still have that level of understanding of these things. i am also very interested in buddhism, particularly zen and tibetan, though again, am quite unfamiliar with the actual structured practices per se, though really i am interested in learning about most traditions, i just seem to bend in the direction of those stated more.


there are many posts and topics here which i have found quite interesting and have finally decided to jump on in and add my input.


i have also noticed that lienshan has been posting his "mawangdui b" translations here as well, good luck to you sir! (kinda doubt you'll read this, but maybe)

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