Jeff Primack

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I almost went to a Qi Revolution event, until I read this thread and another one. His events seem to be, in large part, CEU factories for massage therapists. Why he's allowed to grant so many CEUs is beyond me. I also found an update on the lawsuit mentioned in the last reply. The woman in question won her case, but Jeff has yet to pay. Here is the worst of the article and a link:


"The commission’s suit said Primack started sending Boyd demeaning and threatening text messages in July 2015, including a barrage of about 100 messages on July 16 such as “I don’t like girls who wear makeup … Let alone men,” “My fist in your face is direct,” and “I will strangle you … you (expletive) ass bitch.”

“The threat to strangle me, knowing that we’d just lost Anisa to strangling,” Boyd said, her voice trailing off. “I went from who I always wanted to be and my dreams were coming true — beautiful property and I get to be me — to six months as a female and I’m homeless.

“I got fired by the last person on the face of the Earth that I thought would ever have that mentality to actually do what he did.”"


Transgender woman hoping to claim $95K in discrimination case


I'm sure some attendees gain some benefit from what he teaches, but he's not someone I want to give my money to or learn from.


Thanks for the warnings.


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Thanks for the update on the civil suit Cathy.  All those close to the situation were relieved when the courts upheld justice against Jeff and this type of abusive behavior.


I'm posting to say I recently reconnected with the woman involved in the case, the one Jeff abused and threatened.  I did not bring up the case or the past, just connected and we shared space for a time.  She seems well adjusted, vital and thriving.


Peace to All.



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