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Brisbane bus/train travel question

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I'm not good at traveling, help me.


If I fly to Bris on Friday and use a daily pass for up to 15 zones ($23) I can take the bus/train around the city, then go to Robina (Gold Coast) by train that after noon, which is cheaper than $23.30 for an Airtrain ticket to Robina.


I can't do this on the weekend (use a daily ticket)


But I can do the same thing on Monday, train into the city, wander about and then go to the airport later that day.





A GO card might be even cheaper, I try to fly down once a year.


I really just want to get from the airport to central, have a look around the mall and go to Pulp Fiction (bookshop) To Brunswick to look at Chinatown and Nth Queensland Martial Arts Supplies (walking distance) Then to Robina on the Gold Coast


Basically the same on the return journey into the city from the gold coast, look around the to the airport later in the day.

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