Kunlun workshop with Oscar Hsu and Rachael Johnson

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In addition to Max and Sifu Jenny Lamb. Another teacher who is teaching the Spontaneous Kunlun or Spontaneous Qigong practice is Oscar Hsu. I have met Oscar a few times as have friends of mine like Yoda and we gave him the thumbs up.


He is doing a workshop in Encinitas, California this weekend. Here is the info.


Here is a video of Oscar speaking about Taoism and Buddhism which is interesting.



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220 Freedom from... ones own.... (he's not sure)

240 control reality to the degree you can control your own mind (sidhi)

620 original circuits

825 true breathing

955 mitowowow friends

1108 it FEELS

1128 electromagnetic dynamo

1150 they don't teach this. (maybe not where you been)

1300 bindus

1355 stabilization of clear and open (he does not address keeping them open through practice DUH)

1640 emptispace is everywhere, lets hero worship some more

1700 "our"training

1710 thats right you should cough when you say that

1730 white people asking those questions

1750 hit it again

1925 finally talking about something worthwhile the zero and the one

2023 universal definations

2040 kunlun mentioned

2100 merging dualitites from sides to central. not unique to kunlun.

2114 unifying bliss and emptiness

2122 amature

2130 like your doing right now?

2148 reabsorbing projections? (illusions are dispelled the mind is set free)

2157 the opening of... what time is it?

2222 awake awaken wake. normally asleep until that moment when... what... where...

2238 reset. practice. grow. reformat. change program, transmissions

2304 center is key.

2323 no complicated manuvers.

2340 cultivations of original circuits

2400 kundalini is only ONE frequency. many frequencies in the spectrum

2422 white people always getting hung up on the power sex thing juar can't let go, fix the hair.

2444 primarilly energetic... not physical...

2530 bull shit on needing the transmission

2614 emotional circuits mind letting go of ALL outcomes

3232 cascading .... moving up and down


sidhis seekers

"control" the dream


3356 fingers

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