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Kungfu II

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Any ideas for a modern retelling of Kungfu?


Chia says that taoist priests would get girls to shake their booty in front of them in special private rituals... got me thinking of taoist priests driving around with puppies and candy in the school zone... He better be a good fighter, or he won't like the cultivation partner the judge offers him--as the Bodri gang would say, prison jing is too dirty to transmute... I got a vision of David Carridine in the prison showers surrounded by hairy suitors. Kungfu II. That would be the backstory, and his post-release he would take upon himself his superhero role as the ultimate crime fighter.


Or maybe some teenage boy awaken ancient kungfu memories while working his aneros and he sets off to beat up evil doers but suffers spontaneous whole body orgasms around the house that take him back lifetimes while his mom looks on with concern...


Any brainstorms? Maybe a story based on Master Ron fighting the chemtrail illuminati mofos?

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