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sleep + supplements + guess what?

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Hi again,


written exam passed... now just the oral exam to go...


quick update on sleep & supplements:


just changing my mattress (now its harder than before) helped me to "naturally" wake AND get up 2 hours earlier than before, thereby reducing my staying-in-bed time from 9 to 7 hours EVERDAY... since about 2 weeks!!!


supplement update:

from all the supplements I have tried I can now wholeheartedly recommend the following:

as basic herbal supplement: their 5 Elements plus the dried rice etc. combo are brilliant at a very good price point!


Super Jing from for Jing restoration


using all that stuff has helped my pulse picture to raise from barely there to pretty full & alive



for sustained energy:






Ergopharm AMP


In both cases there are non-responders & some that can't take even a little amount.


To me both supplements are the VERY FIRST of the many that I tried that leave a pronounced effect.


Spike has the tendency to drop in effect after continuous use ( in my case) although the developers say there is no such drop-in-effect found in their trials...


Ergopharm AMP: the developers of that product advise not to take it more than 3 times a week in order for the no-loss-in-effect effect....


I swap AMP & Spike every other day...


Some people just need 1 capsule of Spike. In order for me to get an effect I have to take 3 capsules. AMP I take 4 and the effect is absolutely noticable.


While SPike has the tendency to make me feel more jittery than AMP and I feel it more inside my brain... the AMP effect I can feel throughout all of my body... giving me continuous feeling of energy & awakeness throughout the day (6 hours minimum)


These two supplements I can wholeheartedly recommend to at least try. I have to take them on an empty stomach in order to receive the effects!



the guess what part:

imaginatory sexual stimulation!


I remembered that an American doctor spoke about implanting an electric stimulator into sacral-nerves in cases of women with severe depression. In controlled instances an orgasm by stimulation could be induced which raised the mood... (no self-control available...)


I thought about this further, did lie down on my stomach and imagined stimulation of my sacral nerves (by feathers or whatever)


definitely starting of orgasmic tingling feelings... needs further exploration


so far from the German soon to become medical doctor






PS: the Brain Enhancer (Stephen T. Chang) formula did nothing to my memory... might be different for others...

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