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Fitz P. Faustus

On the topic of ghosts

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In my life i have seen lots and lots and lots of ghosts, spirits, or phantoms. i have no idea of the correct terminology anymore. Guess i'll start by listing the more prominent ones and a quick... biography. Not sure if thats the right term but I'll go with it.



Red Ghost; no idea what it's real name is. this one was dubbed by me and 2 friends since it "wears" a red robe type thing. wears isn't even the right verb for it honestly, more like the red is attached to it somehow. Red ghost inhabits this nice little grove with a stream down in florida, and absolutely hates trespassing. follows you for days if you do, trying to rip your face off. well not actually trying to, its more like a dread feeling in the pit of your stomach. Hard to describe such things. It doesn't have a face either, forgot to mention that.


Tjinn; think ball of shadow and smoke with hundreds of eyes and you're on the right track. My twin named this one, twin isn't right either since we aren't related. uhm, 2 people that are exactly alike in every way but grew up in opposite conditions, like a parallel universe. Anyways, throughout her youth this one guided her through life and resided(s) in her. unfortunately she only talks to "him" in her dreams and sometimes decides to take control of the wheel if shes in trouble. sounds like a displaced personality but i don't think so since i saw him looooong before i met her. sometimes prefers to appear as a shadow shaped as a man with white smoke/shadow for eyes. twin dubs this "Human form."


Teacher; recently named, never thought to name her before koko(my parallel twin) and i started discussing them. the opposite of tjinn in the fact that 1 she guided me and 2 only came during the day through either visions or hallucinations depending on your point of view. She looks like a cross between a wolf and a fox and rabbit, i'm not very good at describing things as some of you might have noticed by now. Her fur is black and white, where the white is looks like snow is falling and the black is like shadow. wings come of her shoulders. she was more of a parent than my mother, who should have never had children. anyways, she comes either when i meditate or a trance-like state, i don't really know what to call it.


End; hairless man with his jaw and tongue ripped off, from the hips down are also torn off and has longer than average arms. he's either very depressing or withdrawn. not a fan of conversations with him.


Cat ghost; .....its a ghost cat? likes to be petted sometimes.


Ghost train; actually its a little kid, really like to play with toy trains though. has the whole conductor outfit, kinda cute sept for the disfigured face.


Clarise; gives people nightmares if the sleep on the couch all night. not sure why.


can't list anymore, again i am not looking for answers of any sort. just opinions on anything. would list others but i gotta run home. ask any questions that come to mind and i will try and answer them. i should probably ask about the twin thing too now that i think about it. it really is quite perplexing, so post if you have an idea on the reasoning or questions about it. thats a question i really want to know the answer to.

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