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  1. Mak_Tin_Si

    never really minded his post myself it was just the quantity of them all was kind of...offsetting? i don't know the proper adjective for the feeling. but it was through those posts i was forced to rethink my own beliefs, so i respect the man and wonder what he thinks of this whole thing. i mean i haven't seen him post in here yet so it makes even more curious of his opinion since most...westerners, i guess, would have thrown a lot of hate posts throughout this one. which of course is offsetting to me as well since its what i'm used to. anyways, i want to here him say something about this.
  2. Tao is Simple (explaination)

    i would totally waste time on this forum if i was a master! its always lonely near the top.
  3. NOT to communicate with ghost

    never said i didn't believe in the after life. theres so many ideas of it though that i would prefer to wait and see rather than pick one and hope for the best. my way of focusing on the now i suppose.
  4. On the topic of ghosts

    In my life i have seen lots and lots and lots of ghosts, spirits, or phantoms. i have no idea of the correct terminology anymore. Guess i'll start by listing the more prominent ones and a quick... biography. Not sure if thats the right term but I'll go with it. Red Ghost; no idea what it's real name is. this one was dubbed by me and 2 friends since it "wears" a red robe type thing. wears isn't even the right verb for it honestly, more like the red is attached to it somehow. Red ghost inhabits this nice little grove with a stream down in florida, and absolutely hates trespassing. follows you for days if you do, trying to rip your face off. well not actually trying to, its more like a dread feeling in the pit of your stomach. Hard to describe such things. It doesn't have a face either, forgot to mention that. Tjinn; think ball of shadow and smoke with hundreds of eyes and you're on the right track. My twin named this one, twin isn't right either since we aren't related. uhm, 2 people that are exactly alike in every way but grew up in opposite conditions, like a parallel universe. Anyways, throughout her youth this one guided her through life and resided(s) in her. unfortunately she only talks to "him" in her dreams and sometimes decides to take control of the wheel if shes in trouble. sounds like a displaced personality but i don't think so since i saw him looooong before i met her. sometimes prefers to appear as a shadow shaped as a man with white smoke/shadow for eyes. twin dubs this "Human form." Teacher; recently named, never thought to name her before koko(my parallel twin) and i started discussing them. the opposite of tjinn in the fact that 1 she guided me and 2 only came during the day through either visions or hallucinations depending on your point of view. She looks like a cross between a wolf and a fox and rabbit, i'm not very good at describing things as some of you might have noticed by now. Her fur is black and white, where the white is looks like snow is falling and the black is like shadow. wings come of her shoulders. she was more of a parent than my mother, who should have never had children. anyways, she comes either when i meditate or a trance-like state, i don't really know what to call it. End; hairless man with his jaw and tongue ripped off, from the hips down are also torn off and has longer than average arms. he's either very depressing or withdrawn. not a fan of conversations with him. Cat ghost; .....its a ghost cat? likes to be petted sometimes. Ghost train; actually its a little kid, really like to play with toy trains though. has the whole conductor outfit, kinda cute sept for the disfigured face. Clarise; gives people nightmares if the sleep on the couch all night. not sure why. can't list anymore, again i am not looking for answers of any sort. just opinions on anything. would list others but i gotta run home. ask any questions that come to mind and i will try and answer them. i should probably ask about the twin thing too now that i think about it. it really is quite perplexing, so post if you have an idea on the reasoning or questions about it. thats a question i really want to know the answer to.
  5. NOT to communicate with ghost

    Ah i hadn't thought of that, now i feel like a fool. Thank you for bringing it to my attention at least. i can't get this quote thing to work so i gotta state my opinions for mak tin si through using the old method of "" okay, "Ghost are not good spirits. Ghost is defined in Taoism as "negative hidden energy that you cannot see with your bare eye." It can be a spirit, it can be some bad energy in your mind that makes your greedy or do stupid things, it can be hidden negatives that makes you want to steal. Spirits, as you talk about Yin-spirits, are also not good to cmmunicate with. These are spirits or souls of the dead, they shall not be in this yang-dimension of human, they shall be on their own yin-dimension and on their way to the next life cycle. If you communicate with them or TRY to deal with them, you just make them greedy and not want to let go of this world, so you are stopping them from rebirth or going on in nature. Messing up the nature is not a good idea. Mak Tin si" Never ran into any problems like that with any of them. actually i should post a topic for some of the few i've seen more recently, get some new perspectives on the matter. Only thing i have to say really is that if they weren't here they would be denying the way, which in and of itself is screwing up nature. How can i not talk to them when they have so much knowledge to offer? i don't exactly believe in reincarnation honestly, its a strong possibility that i am open to but in the end i'd rather see it for myself and live life rather than constantly prepare for the next one. not exactly sure which reincarnation we're talking about though so i'm not going to say anything else on the matter.
  6. NOT to communicate with ghost

    Surely i hope you jest sir, to generalize things as such. All ghosts lie and trick no matter what? That's nearly as bad as saying all catholics rape little boys or jews are always greeding and serve only themselves, with that logic one would have to agree that everyone in the middle east are constantly lusting for the blood of american infidels. oh my favorite; all taoists have bad handwriting and sit around doing nothing but drinking and singing songs. Point is, don't generalize. It makes you sound less intelligent. Talk with 1,000 spirits and then speak of your knowledge, learning is nothing if you never experienced it. I've met a few nice ones in my time by the way. Sure quite a number lie and trick I'll give you that, but most living people do that and we consort with them right?
  7. The Ultimate Fu Is....

    Bravo Stigweard!
  8. exercises of xian

    it kinda sounds like walking to me. which if it was would be awesome XD
  9. A Powerful Voice Of Reason

    faith is not an enemy, it is not the driving force of ignorance or violence. religion is an excuse for these things and faith in a man's word vs that of a god is what causes ignorance. faith within its own nature is what drives humanity in any direction we cannot under any circumstances be absent of it. examples that come to mind after reading this are; the Tao which we believe is some kind of force that is all, i really cant put it into better words than that. buddhism, a religion that relies on the faith that Siddartha was in fact the buddha. science relies on the faith that the universe is made up of laws that can be tested through trial and error, that everything can be explained one way or the other. of course the other various religions usually rely on prophets speaking for gods, but this isn't different from what you believe in, taoists have Lao Tzu buddhists with the Buddha and science with thousands of their own brand of prophets who confess truths that can never be contested. i will agree with the statement "look at yourself in the mirror" because we all need to do that. before attacking faith think to yourself, how many people killed each other before organised religion sprang up? if you get angry and hurt someone, kill them even, i will guarantee that will will love it. its human nature to hurt, to kill, its only our faith that its wrong that makes us feel bad afterwards.
  10. "The best penis enlarger"

    ha ha ha omg i remember seeing this type of thing when i was 15! in all honesty you'll get the same results by using a rubber band and all it does is keep you erect longer and freaking hard as heck to get off. would not suggest anything like it, including rubber bands! cuts off the circulation and does cause it to get bigger but you lose all feeling and if it stays on too long you gotta cut it off with a sharp object which i surmise isn't fun.
  11. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Let's plunge ourselves into the roar of time, the whirl of accident; may pain and pleasure, success and failure, shift as they will - it's only action that can make a man." "In German, if one is polite, one lies." "Have, alas! Philosophy, Medicine, Jurisprudence too, And to my cost Theology, With ardent labour, studied through. And here I stand, with all my lore, Poor fool, no wiser than before" "Simple folks never sense the devil's presence, not even when his hands are on their throats." all 4 -Goethe's Faust "A bad leader is hated, a better leader is loved, but the best leader is one who is ignored." -I'm pretty sure to say the least that Lao Tzu said this. "Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici"-Its from V for Vendetta, means By the power of truth I, while living, have conquered the universe. In the movie its stated that it from Faust but its in no version i have ever read. i have more somewhere but i can't find the author of the quotes for some reason.
  12. 5 element diet

    i agree with Dr. Dcup on the alcohol thing for 2 reasons; most Immortals from the stories indulged regularly in drinking and well, they're immortal, the 2nd reason is that i've heard that men in siberia drink vodka all their lives and lived to average 100 and if you even don't believe it was becasue of the vodka itself, most experts state that a glass of red wine a day keeps cancer away so there must be something in it that helps you in the long run. of course thats as long as you don't over indulge because the poison is too potent then. heck it might be because its a poison that your body can moderately handle that helps you, like it poisons the bacteria, viruses, cancer cells what have you so that you natural defences can take care of them easier. Again, i must state clearly not to overindulge drinking. Not because i think anyone here would do it but because i don't want any young'ins using it as an excuse like so many other things that get misconstrued. I also know quite a few of my friends are "fruitarians", which is to say they eat only fruits and nuts with occasional vegetables and only meat from things they kill themselves (bout once a year because of deer hunting season), and are extremely healthy. and the only work-out i ever see them do is walking to class. idk what they do exactly but it works for them.
  13. Talking To God

    It kinda sounds like this version of god is saying that this universe isn't his first time, that hes done this MANY times before. Which i guess would mean that every race that achieves this state just melds with him until their conscious no longer exists or rather, become part of it's conscious to the point where its a hivemind. I can't even begin to have a clue as to it origin of course but it was probably 1 race achieved this first enjoyed it for awhile until it became bored, so it began creating other races to achieve these orgasmic meldings. The fact it created more than one might suggest its looking for "cosmic quickies" but of course thats just my anti-god side coming out so don't pay it any attention Of course there would have to be something to create the first race but that might mean that this creator of ours is not "The deity" but more likely one of the many possibilities that a race as a whole can hope to achieve. But for me the prospect of hivemind or floating through the void, creating universes for a good time isn't exactly appealing. Edit: i forgot to add that hivemind is generally considered evil from what i've read about it, has something to do with the fact that you no longer do anything for yourself i think. Haven't read enough on it to honestly say if it is really that evil though because i don't think that anyone can give a truly bias opinion on the matter.
  14. The era of secrets seems to be over...

    the age of Aquirias isn't going to happen for another 200 years (2200 they're predicting), so this one is just a more immediate influence.
  15. The era of secrets seems to be over...

    Another explanation can be explained through astrology, according to my gf we're entering some kind of new age of man, huge changes and power shifts are starting to happen all because of Pluto entering one of the signs (i can't remember which one, its alot if foreign information to process). Pluto entering a sign means the it makes the influence of the sign itself stronger. I can't say any of this with accuracy since i don't research it myself and all my information comes from her ranting about it, but all the astrologers seem to be very excited about this change. Update: i just asked her and pluto is entering capricorn which influences businesses and politics, causing change for the better. more information being released and Obama's election (and promises if he decides to keep them) would probably coincide with it with the shift. i hate to say it but she usually ends up being right with these things.