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Some Chinese terms

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As requested from the moderator of TaoBum, I have moved to this forum : right now.


So if you want to talk to me or ask me anything about Taoism, please feel free to go over to this forum and enjoy the new forum. New members for discussion are also welcomed.


Mak Tin Si

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道 Dao - The way


道教 Do Gaau - Taoism the religion


道家 - Do Ga - Taoism the phillosophy sect study


道法 - Do Faat - Taoism magic


道術 - Do Sut - Taoism methods (magic methods without magic power, lower level)


法 Faat - Magic power, taoism energy, universal energy


法術 Faat Sut - Methods of using Magic power


巫術 Mo sut - Folks magic


魔術 Mor Sut - Method of Devil (magic tricks)


魔法 Mor Faat - Method of Devil Magic (wicca, witchcrafts)


德 - Duck - including ethics, virtues, morals, principles of life...


道德 - Do Duck (tao te as in tao te ching) - Duck of the way, Duck in Tao. Law of nature.


沙門 - Shamanism (buddhism)


沙門弟子 - Shamanism student (referred to buddhism)


天師 -Tin Si - Celestial Master , Heavenly Master


Thanks for sharing



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