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Long Exp sharing - Ghost busting in College

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A long time ago, I have a student who learn from me, he is a night-shift security who work for a college. This man was very strong looking but what happen to him really teach others a lesson. First, he do learn kungfu and he practise very hard, so you may think he have LOTs of yang chi in him, healthy and huge in body size. But in the college, one night, he finally met this spirit.


One night, he was sitting on the information place in the lobby, lights were bright, nobody is there.. 8pm...


Now, all of a suddent, all lights shut for a few second, he saw a black shadow flies by his vision, with a "AAAAaa...!" sound. It was so real. Then the lights got back on. He was shaking his head, saying to himself "STAY AWAKE!!!". After 5 sec, the phone rang! Holy cow, this guy got shocked!


The phone was from "the other building beside" (college building). So, he thought : "how come? someone got locked in the next building?" He answer the phone, but no one talks, he here car and street sound.. He hang up and decided to go check this out.


So he ran over to the next building and the doors are locked. So he have to open these doors. When he got into the building, he went upstairs into the place where the kitchen was (kitchen for class).. After he went there, he felt a big FORCE "pushing" him forward like many hands push him forward by tap tap tap...


He cannot control his feet and he just got "pushed" into the kitchen. Lights blinked once and he felt SUPER FREEZING air coming at him. He was scared already and terrified by all these "ghost" around. He thought it was the fridge, but then the fridge was not open! Then he start to hear sound... "talking" with mumbling voices and it seems like there are a GRUOP of gathering going on.. He RAN DOWN and FLY out the building.. went back to the lobby of the next building and LOCKED the doors.


He called me for emmergency help, I have did a fu for him by distance for protection and block all those "things" from going to him. It was already 2am...


When I did th distance fu for him, he felt it right away, heat BURSTING out of his body and he feel like fire burining on him. Afterward, he sweat like a dog and wet his clothings. Finally, he knew what this was. He saw a golden rim of light around his body from my fu and finally felt safe for the night. The lights seems brighter to him and he start to relief. After that, he typed all those scary stuff on his blog online and shared with his other friends.


Then.. story didn't end yet. He asked his senior supervisor about this college "stuff". The supervisor told him, ALL of the security have got "something" like this already. Just that no body want to talk about it and they just leave it aside, that is why NOBODY want to do night shift here after 8pm. But since he is new, so he got the slot for the luck. Wa!!


So he found out that this college was build on a land that was burnt by a big fire long time ago.. and many people died from this fire before. Before this happen, it was 2 industrial buildings.. scary thing is that these "people" are claimed to be still there and "very active" at night around 8pm-4am. After 4am, they are gone and back to peace.


So I got in this case and start to fix this up for them. After 7 days of fixing, with fu and ceremonies, all the people working for the security group told me what happen after my "treatment".


Here is what these securities guys told me after 7days I am done with that place.


"I felt 2 very powerful 'people' beside me when walking through the hallway, they are not scary and I felt they are there to help me and protect me. So I feel very safe walking around. I even went to the next building at night, nothing happen agian. Nothing. Really, it worked!"


"I was in the washroom one morning after the day you came, shitting.. and all of a suddent this INVISIBLE guy was beside my slot! The building is not open yet, there should be NO body in this building, but I heard the toilet flushed and paper roll rolling non-stop, I was shocked! Then I hold on to your FU and point it upward. That sound stopped instantly and everything return to peace!"


"After 20yrs working here, I finally felt peace and safe working here. Even my shoulder pain and lack of sleep got cured too. I never wonder that these problems are caused by these "things" in the building!"


All of the people here that I helped know nothing about Taoism and they are whites and one korean, total of 7 people in the team. Very interesting experience, ghost busting for a college. Wow!


This student of mine later on love the trianing in Taoism and have more interest in learning after this case. He felt that it would just help others who have the simular case like this one. So he started his training and there start his way to taoism!


Mak Tin Si

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