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Explicit Trust

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Hi everyone,


I just want to ask a simple question.


Whose judgement here on TTB do you more or less trust?


I know it's a wierd question.


I'm making the neigong program available, because I think it will benefit people, and I want to do something for the teacher. I'm personally not making any money off of it.


As I mentioned I'm giving a 50% commission for referrals because I'm interested in getting the right people to learn it, and the remaining % of anything is not for me (I work and have a job just like most people here), and I'm just spending a little bit of my own money to put it out for people, and I've spent hundreds of hours (no joke) translating material.


I think - that by the standards of most of the stuff that's available today, that what we're going to present something very unique and special, and it's comprehensive in a way that almost nothing I've seen in public is. That said - I am not someone who is interested in creating hype or playing wierd marketing games with people. I won't ever say it's the best, or better than this or that - I'll just say that it's legit and it's the real deal and leave it at that.


What I would like is to let maybe 5 people from ttb review it for free.


Here's what those people need to give me to get the free review copy:


1. A FAST internet connection. This will be gobs of multi-media, including high definition video. Hours worth.

2. A willingness to really go through the material. The book alone is going to be a couple hundred pages and you really need to read it all.

3. Provide a photo

4. Provide a link to your website (if you have one)

5. Provide your real name or title


So that's it.


What I would like to do is get something like suggestions or nominations, but I don't think it's polite to do it in public.


So if you're reading this and there's someone who you trust to make an impartial judgement on these types of matters, please send me a private message letting me know so I can ask them about it.






P.S. Of course I'm going to ask Sean, and I'd give it to him for free anyhow for hosting the place where I spend the greatest amount of my unproductive time in life . . . :)

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unproductive indeed! :lol: on the flip side, the majority of your posts count as 'productive time' for us ttbs to read :)

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