Thanks Stigwerd

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Dear Stigwerd,


Whether this passing of the hat thing works or NOT, I want you to know, that I'll ALWAYS remember what your doing, and the beauty and compassion of it all, is simply OVERWHELMING.


Some people say that Mak Tin Si shouldn't do anything for me, after yesterday.


FREEWILL is all that I know to say.


Mr. Mak Tin Si Sir, you just do what is RIGHT for you.


I certainly would not blame you at all for turning me down, and this has all been so RIGHT, that if you DON'T do anything for me, it'll be all OK TOO.


I've ALWAYS liked Australians, and now I have a real PERSONAL :D REASON to like them, even MORE!!


A TRUE Taoist you are my friend.


Peace be upon you Stigwerd *my friend*, gossamer

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