Pre-launching the thing . . .

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So I've got this cheesy marketing buddy and he is running this stuff for me, and says this is what I should do:




We're about 3 weeks out from opening up the availibility of the Wudang Lao Jun Yang Sheng Gong program at http://www.wudangquan.com . . .


One thing I should mention is that due to bandwidth costs - we're only making it available for the first 200 people who order, and then we're closing it down.


And it won't be cheap, either because the material is not cheap, and neither is the production costs.


But you can get your copy paid for by sending people to the site.


We've set up an affiliate tracking program at http://www.wudangquan.com and all you have to do is log in, get your affiliate url, and send people there.


And we're paying 50% per sale in commissions - mainly so that the people who don't have money to spend can get the material for free if they really want it.


There's no sales page. We're just going to be giving away a ton of free stuff over the next 3 weeks, and if someone signs up to get the free material, and then is one of the 200 people who are able to buy the product - you get a 50% comission.


It's super easy, and all you have to do is give people a link to some interesting free material that they will probably really like.


Right now the free material is the Wudang book, but we'll have new stuff up every few days for the next couple of weeks.



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doh! You posted that in the lobby. You might want to repost in the main section.


Your pal,


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