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About 2% completed

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Melt with the universe.
I like that.


The other day I had the thought to meditate with the universe/God.

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I've got about 2% of everything I need to do completed.


I've got to finish editing about 10 hours of video, etc. as well as overdub it in English.


This seems interesting. Good luck on your efforts! :) I'd like to hear more about your teacher, like his personal life story, etc., his views and so on.

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I don't want to say much about him, because it will seem like I'm trying to hype him up.


I guess everyone does that with their teacher, and everyone believes their teacher is the best. :)


As you maybe know the "official" lineage at wudang is San Feng pai. There are some heavy politics about that which I don't want to talk about . . . He is Mozhen (needle grinding) pai which is no longer public at Wudang. Not that it's hidden or secret - Just that San Feng pai is what's recognized by the government.


He's 83. Moves better than me at 33. Cured himself of Parkinsons. Was a Mandarin teacher at university 40 years ago or so.


Here's an unedited video of some movement clips:


Here's an unedited video of him talking about meditation:


What I'm going to make available is the complete Lao Jun (an honorific sort of name for Lao Zi) system with his book (about 5% or less was above) on Xin Yu (Heart Language), the entire movement system (takes about 2 hours to complete if you do it all but it's not necessary to do it all), the meditation stuff, theory videos, some audio material, etc.


No hype. It's not going to lead you to consumation "quick". It's not for getting worldly powers. It's not for having trippy "experiences".


It's for enlightening to what you are, what your responsiblity is and to whom, and then living accordingly.


It will take me a while to finish, because a lot of what he says doesn't even make sense in Chinese at the surface level and there's a lot of old words and combinations of old words that have different meanings when put together that modern Chinese can't even understand, much less me who has barely scratched the surface of the language.



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I don't want to say much about him, because it will seem like I'm trying to hype him up.


I see your predicament. It's too bad. Anyway, I watched how your teacher moves and I know how wonderful he is. He has so much kindness and strength and wisdom. :)


But I recognize this wonder because I myself am also wonderful like that. :) Hahaha... I know what he is doing. I don't need to understand the secret symbols because the root of all symbolism is within me. Are you like me?


I am interested in hearing more from you personally, regardless of your teacher.

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Are you like me?



Probably not. :D


I am mostly incompetent and lucky, but not much in the way of wonderful.


If you want to talk you can feel free to email me at general (at) (as can anyone). I am super busy at the moment so don't read taobums so much as I was before and that is the best way to contact me about whatever. . .


Since I don't want to take up a lot of time in another message I will say here that I'm back in Kunming for a bit, and just these days Shaolin has been set to take over two temples here.


It will be interesting.


I hope Wudang culture is spread far, but I hope they don't go much further down this road than they already are . . .

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I translated some more video (not the ones on youtube - I haven't put this up yet) today, but I haven't over dubbed it. Here's the transcript:






What I just said is Generally about Wudang Lao Jun Yang Sheng Gong


Now I'll talk about the details about Wudang Lao Jun Yang Sheng Gong


Lao Jun Yang Sheng Gong has a deep and magical power generally


The reason why it's deep and magical


it has two parts and the first part is meditation


The other part is movement


At the first part meditation has nine steps


And the nine steps are higher and higher and higher


The first step is callled the heart language of putting away the mind


The second step, what do we do after putting away the mind


After you put it away then you relieve the mind


And after you put away and relieve it you need to clean it up


The trash on the floor, on the wall, and on the ceiling all cleaned up


Our mind and brain has to be clean and clear


This clean means clean and clear


And another step is becoming quiet


Cant be so noisy and have the firecrackers and crazy drum noises - It's not good


Have to make your mind quiet


After it's clean and quiet that was the preparation of meditation


With silence in so we can do the meditation


The first step of making silence inside and opening up for meditation is to save or hold something in your mind and its also called "hold something in your spirit or thoughts"


With an empty mind, totally blank is not enough


You have to think about something


What do we think? It's called "Holding something in your spirit or thoughts"


Think about your own body and your own jing-chi-shen


Put your knees in front of you as wide as your shoulders


Think about something good for your health


This is called "holding something in your spirit or thoughts"


It is like no-self - there's no me in this world . . .


Then the heaven and the earth and the "me" are merged and melted together


It's called "Human and heavens mixed together"


The sky and the human and the earth the three things are melted together


At this attainment status


If you have any small problems with your body they will all be gone


That's why Lao Jun Yang Sheng Gong can be good for your health


You can be healthy without any injections or medicine


That's the secret of it


That's the first part and besides that


There are three ways to meditate


One is sitting quietly


and the second is lying down


And the third is standing up


So the three ways are sitting, lying and standing up


And the second part is movement


It has five steps


One is to make the joints lubricated


And make all the joints in our body so lubricated and flexible


Flexible Like the rolling balls


And another step is to condition the qi and the blood


Make qi and blood flow in the body easily


The third step is to make the tendons and bones strong


Make the tendons and bones flexible and hard


And one step is morning gong


Morning gong is called featherized longevity running


The reason it's featherized is think like you are a piece of a feather


Make yourself like a light and small feather


And so light so you can run


One step is evening gong


and it's called free walking in space


To make you feel like wandering in space or the heavens


This is the details and system of lao jun gong


When we talked about sitting it has three contents


Sitting with something in your mind, sitting with no self and sitting with heaven and earth


sitting with something in your mind, sitting with no self, and sitting with heaven and earth


Featherized longevity running and free walking in space


The way those gongs can help you is you can be said Wudang Lao Jun Gong makes you become immortal


In China the tallest old man, the old man with the greatest dao de


Cure hundreds of diseases and make you go back to youth


Even if you had cancer it can be cured with it


Make your body and mind healthy without injections and medicines


It seems to be so magical that it has so many benefits for you


IT's kind of magical but when you do it it's so simple


Because most people who do it are middle aged and old it can't be so difficult


So we have to learn from the nature and also make it simple


Then the spirit of the gong can be seen by many people


This is the main benefits of Wudang Lao Jun Gong


Next I will show you the Lao Jun Gong


A rigid posture is not so important to meditation . . .

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Watched the about tangible power.......look past the gray hair.....his face is smooth and young.....


I want to hang out with this guy for the next hundred years or so......... B)

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He says when he reaches 100 (in about 15 years) he will become a baby. You may get a chance! haha


That's his motto I guess you would say. 100 year old baby...

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