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My steps to mastering ejaculation control

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As some of you might have noted I have not updated my "supplement" trial blog. The reason mainly that I seem to respond to most of nothing. But I now have a combination of stuff that does its job, so I am quite happy.


Here I want to share with you my trial & error experiences to mastering ejaculatory control. I feel the first step to getting there is to have something to help you last longer. Logical idea, isn't it?


Thing is. Most men ejaculate in between 7-13 minutes of entering the women... about 30 to 40% are said to have difficulties with premature ejaculation. So THIS IS QUITE A PROBLEM.


What to do then?


Well. Sure enough. WORK ON YOUR OWN first!




Start stroking until you get close and then stop. Start again & stop before that special point. This way you will "program" your ejaculatory reflex new.


The Aneros device helps you to relax the area down there, which might be sooooooo tense. And relaxation really is important.


NOTE though: this device can make you go over the edge quicker, because it applies pressure to the prostate when it is pumping up AND.... there you go...


so. Practice awareness. For some the Aneros is great because it seems to be able to exert that much pressure in the right angle to shut the ejaculatory duct off, which allows them to have dry orgasms without ejaculating. In my case that does not work. None of the currently available products fit me that way. I sent the Aneros team my ideas already and even got a reply that those will be forwarded. Hehe. Maybe there will one be one carrying my name... :lol:


well. Back to the serious part.


I do not know how YOU experience it usually. But if I am really aware and listen to my body I can feel the area of my prostate inside being stimulated and "getting excited"... it is like two nerves entering the prostate each coming from one side. I feel this long before the contractile phase starts and before this starts the prostate suddenly swells big (which can nicely be felt with the Aneros device inside! Really GREAT training device)...


Now. Dr. Lin advises against training the PC muscle, but instead training the muscle between the anus and the coccycx.


The interesting bit is that by training that muscle and applying ones focus there the "excitement" energy felt at the prostate coming from those nerves entering there gets redirected to that muscle, giving you the pleasure feeling there.


Now. I am not yet that far that this leads to a non-ejaculatory orgasm, nut I meanwhile have contractile phases mainly happening in that muscle (not the prostate) leading to pleasure there.


This seems to be a great starting point for mastering it.


Further I sure utilize the key sound, which not yet had brought the results I hoped for.


AND: I concentrate on the Corpus Amygdala in my brain, in order for the energy to know where to go. ( HIGHLY recommended)... I also have part of my focus on the occiput at the base of the skull so that the energy "knows" to get up the spine...


by this kind of training I have worked myself from just 1 minute up to one hour of continuous stimulation (with variation)... have not yet applied it in "real life". Have to get to a better starting point to do that...


so far from me.


Harry sunshine

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