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Here the video I said I would put up a week or so ago for anyone who hasn't seen it.


This is just one video of my main neigong teacher.




Although I don't study with any of them, I respect all of the 15th generation San Feng Pai here . . . It's just not what I'm personally involved in but I think we can all appreciate each other and our efforts towards consumation.


This is the diagram on my wall of the system. If you notice the three columns at the bottom right - each line in those is a specific set of movements in the neigong system.




Right now I am working on translating all of the material and notes I have into English, as well as the 10+ hours of video I have but will probably make a lot of it available around new years.

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:blink: ...I gotta learn chinese



It's not a terrible idea . . . If for no other reason than if you come over here you want to know the difference between you're ro's. Whether you're getting Duck or Dog. haha


My Chinese is not great. I live here so I'm functional, but my brain is kind of mixed up between Chinese/Thai/Korean/Hindi/English.


It sounds racist but sometimes I see someone and I assume because they look a certain way they should be able to understand Korean or something even though they're not Korean at all.


What I did was learned the basics that I always learn in any country I've lived in:

"Where is ___"

"How Much (price AND amount) is ____"

"I want/I need _____"


After you've got that down you can fill in the specific nouns you might need.


Then I started studying the words for cultivation terminology and also chinese medical terminology.


That, and asking something like "right?" or "is it?" have kept me afloat pretty well as far as studying the Taoism.



My grammar with spoken Chinese is pretty bad probably, and I know for sure that I don't get the tonality, because it's difficult for me to even hear it, let alone mimic it without some serious thought.


But . . . A lot of of communication is contextual so you can get it.


With the cultivation stuff . . . Alot of it can be learned experientially more than verbally (like I could basically tell someone how to "do it" but they wouldn't get it anyway - even in English) so that isn't so much of a bar.


The other good reason to learn Chinese I think is . . . The teachers who you would probably get the most from probably don't speak English - at all.


And the ones that do - or that have translation available for you . . . You can guess what they're probably interested in . . . (not to say everyone is that way, but . . .)


Grandpa Jones is 83 years old and doesn't speak a lick of English, but I value what I can learn from him above anyone else I've met personally in the area. Doesn't mean anyone else isn't good - just . . . Some things resonate with me and some things don't.

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wudangquan, I agree.


None of my teachers in China spoke English. While I didn't catch everything they said I valued their stuff highly.


Here's a couple of vids..


Zhu Shifu. He taught me what he calls embryonic standing techniques.


My Bagua Shifu


and I had a Neigong Shifu in Shanghai but no video.



wudangquan, where are you in China and how are you surviving? Teaching English?




oh, here's some links for learning Chinese (middle top of the page).



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Hi Baguakid,


Im at Wudang/Shiyan city.


Rendering a new video now that I will put up whenever it's ready.


Now I just stay somewhere for free and am fed. I have some responsibilties that I have to do, but not a job per se.


Previously I was teaching. Probably I will be again sometime. I have basically done that only for the past 10 years in China, S. Korea, Thailand, and did some other type of business years ago in India.


Will check out your videos as well.





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