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Sean, PLEASE HELP ME (From 'gossamer')

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Dear Sean,


This is 'gossamer'.


In the last 24 hours, I've had to get 5 different ID's before this one would work.


There is a new member on Tao Bums who is hacking your server.


I can tell you who he is (suffice it to say that 'Crow' is a part of his name), if you'd like to send me a PM.


I would like to have my original 'gossamer' ID BACK AGAIN.


I CAN'T sign out because if I DO, he'll change my ID again.


I've caused NO trouble on this forum, and I've tried to get along with everyone.


But he persists in following me everywhere on the net that I go.


He just managed to get me thrown off another forum where I had been a member for SEVEN YEARS, and they banned me forever.



This guy is basically a chaos magician, and a very good hacker, I really NEED YOUR HELP.


Just tell me what to do, and how I can get back my original ID which he stole.


I tried to put this in the TECHNICAL SECTION, but it said that I don't have permission to post there.



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