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Patrick Brown

Chaos, Order and the Middle Way

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I've always thought about this but I get swept along with stuff, hey I'm only 41. My life is pretty mundane at the mo, it lacks contrast. Now we shouldn't confuse contrast with polarising as it has more to do with the flow and movement of things. Contrast is the nature of the flow yet it knows itself not as it lives in the moment of spontaneous being. Polarity is more conceptualised as 'this and that' i.e. Duality.


Now I am often heard to say that there is no good or evil but it's subtle because people like to think they are good or evil! I also say that there is really only clarity and confusion! So who has perfect clarity? The young man before he kills somebody? No resolve all dualism into spontaneous being and your actions, thoughts and life will move with the tao.


We all have the power to take life yet we all choose to nurture. Of course a very few suffer a great confusion just as some suffer a great clarity. Therefore the follower of Tao is said to nurture all things yet regards himself as insignificant and a humble servant.


I'm only confused when I try to resolve what is spontaneous.


With love to all you bums.







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