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peter falk

sun and moon alchemy

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about a month ago, i posted a mentioned a practice on sun and moon alchemy i got from a monk in china while attending a wedding. he advised me to spend a few months doing a meditation with the sun at the top of my head during the day, and with the moon there during the evening. the next stage was to move the moon to the perineum and then do a meditatin with the sun at the bai hui and the moon in the hui ni. after that the next stage was to bring them together in the cauldron.


what i found upon initiating the practice was that the moon was already in the hui ni and sun alredy blazing at the bai hui. this was due to months of work with the sun and moon already with a strong desire to get to the next formula before obtaining the tapes from healing tao. during that time of work, mostly in the core channel, i found that the sun and moon had switched sides so that the moon was now on the right, or yang side, and the sun was now on the left, or yin side.


i wanted to further this work with intent by not doing any actual practice but merely by turning my thoughts to the process during the day and seeing the sun and moon in their respective locations and observing what they do.


what i witnesses was a long block arm or protrusion reaching up from the moon along the core channel towards the sun and a long bright yellowish white one moving down from the sun.


after a little over a month of observation, this is all that's happened. apparently intent needs to be supported by practice or meditation until the process is established and operating on it's own.


i'm not sure i understand this. if these are all natural processes and our birthright as humans, why is so much effort involved?


one possibility is that old mental patterns and preconceptions interfere with it, even if they are subconcsious, and the qigong and nei dan gong break thru those patterns and reestablish our free and natural communication with the universe.


another possibility is that the living beings--sun, moon, stars, shen--all want the effort to be made before they respond to us. they want to know we're serious about transformation before they provide it.


the practice i did with the sun and moon begging for transportation to the next level of work did take me there partially. and i had inklings of the alchemical mixture of sun and moon flashing in my mind. but i was uncertain and ended up asking chen yuming for the key. perhaps he was the agent of the beings i was working with. perhaps he was just a guy i asked for help in order to get a short cut.


anyway, i must now return to qigong and internal alchemy to make further progress and see where it goes. intent apparently must be more than just an idea. it must be empassioned, the action imminent.


i'm going to post this on HT as well for those who dont visit both lists.)

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