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Trunk, Plato and the deep-center

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Over on the HT forum - in the middle of a discussion that started with weight loss and travelled widely from there - this exchange about the deep-center took place between Trunk and Plato.


P> No comments about dissolving the trauma in the deep center with the help of the planetary core please. Let's stay in reality. >


If you are dismissing the topic entirely as unreal, then you're mistaken and have missed something big. If you're simply mentioning that it probably isn't an accessible method to your average person interested in shedding a few pounds, then point well taken.


Its not "dissolving the trauma in the deep center", but going to the One place through the deep-center that pulls the rug out from under duality-based trauma. As well as catalyzes a process that turns the whole outward-reaching process around.


The thread that follows from there was fascinating. I am only making mud-pies but have it bookmarked for some time into the future after my cultivation has matured.


All the best,


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