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Ok I finally got a hold of Graham Hancock's latest book which is getting so much attention: Supernatural.


The best part of the book is when he points out that "junk" DNA is actually distributed by Zipf's law (frequency inverse to amplitude) which is the same as the Law of Pythagoras (only based on symmetric math -- as a power law).


The worse part is also the crux of his book, as I had suspected and pointed out before:


"I suggest that not only art, but the entire switch to behavioral modernity, came when those in any Stonge Age society who lacked the genetic capacity to trance spontaneously were enabled to do so by the discovery and subsequent systematic exploitation of plant halluincogens, or one of the physical methods fo trance induction." (p. 229)


Hancock makes a HUGE Freudian slip here with the word "exploitation." For his Bushmen trance healing he relies mainly on art analysis (from David Williams-Lewis) and on one book -- Bradford Keeney. He hasn't done the largest anthropological research and so his book STINKS of exploitation. In fact the OPPOSITE is true from what Hancock states -- trance healing was not a "physical" training nor was it dependent on "genetic" capability (Hancock psychologically projects his exploitative science back onto the Bushmen).


Trance healing is based on the PHILOSOPHY of consciousness arising from complementary opposites. As I read Hancock's book, in full-lotus, having "O at a Ds" with this young latina female who kept propping her legs up, pointed at me, and smiling at me as she poked her head out from her computer....I was accosted by an Indian (east) man telling me that the meditation room had been changed. I pointed out I had in fact been trained by a Chinese qigong master, as he returned to me enquiring about my excellent full-lotus pose. My point is that Hancock is leaving out the connection between qigong, yoga and the Bushmen philosophy as all relying on complementary opposites.

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