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Just 9 days left until Hoshinfest 2008 kicks off in Miami!

Oct 4 and 5...

Hands on instruction from some of the best esoteric martial arts instructors in the

country, displays of uncanny energetic skills, and hard-hitting practical martial arts...

The love and pain that are the hallmark of Hoshin!


Register now...

it's worth the trip:


Soke Rob Williams will be teaching Hoshin Jutaijutsu core strategy. Seeing and feeling

energy. Close quarter combat.


Chris Robinson Shihan will be teaching variations of Hoshin face winding throws, among

other nasty things.


Guru Santiago Dobles will be teaching Silat Knife, Sambut and Langkah


Nathanial Bryant Sensei will will draw from the water element, with an examination of

motion sensitivity, break balance, and downward spiraling concepts.


Jeff Smoley will be teaching Qigong: Rooting, Chan Si (Silk Reeling) and Peng (Ward off),

based on Chen Taijiquan Qigong, Liang Bagua Zhang Qigong and Zhou family Qigong,

with martial applications.


Dr. John Porter Shihan will present Dr. Glenn J. Morris, Soke's Management Attitude

Perception and Stress Inventory (MAPS), a psychological profiling system that works

perfectly to show you what to work on in Hoshin based on your strengths and weaknesses

in the Go Dai Five Elements model...


Todd Smith Sensei will be presenting original hoshin, with stories and pictures of Soke

Glenn Morris's Hillsdale College training group.


Justin Henry Sensei will be teaching "Love taps to Bear slaps" -- Striking and Absorbing

blows from a Hoshin and Systema point of view. He will cover Sticking with love energy

and intent, to striking hard enough in training that the body starts to move itself during

absorbing blows. He will also compare hoshin continual return of fists and Systema arm

whips and other basic striking fundamentals.


There will be bonus presentations as well...


Member's discounted registration rate of $145 is available until Sept 30th through the

member's-only section of the website:


Email me back at [email protected] if you don't have a login yet...


As a ryu member you'll also be able to attend the members-only bonus segment Saturday


Glenn Morris's Kundalini Awakening Process meditations and techniques... for Ryu

members only!



email [email protected]




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