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Development of Qi Gong: something spontaneous?

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As you might assume from the topic this is a question that arises from my spontaneous Qi gong I am currently experiencing. In one of my very early posts here I spoke about many spiraling movements I am going through like in Pa Kua...


I am interested what you think:

do you think Qi Gong mainly developed imitating animals for example or is it mainly a spontaneous thing???


I ask that question as:

With all that spontanerous Qi Gong that is literally happening to me many if not most of the movements I have ever seen in the several styles (well. those that I know) simply HAPPEN... that includes cloud hands, many pa kua martial arts hits etc.


And Keith: that spiralling of the joints... it JUST HAPPENS and my body is getting really tough workouts on/by its own. Stretching, contracting, spiralling and whatever else one can name...


So. What do you think:


All the Qi gong forms possibly developed from spontaneous movements???


Or do you believe that my body does not use innate wisdom but just tends to imitate the movements once seen?


I sometimes even fly like a crane :D



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