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Sahaj Nath

a VERY good, FUN interview with Bradford Keeney

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sallcoming togeda.


very fun and loving indeed.


hug bang and shake.

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Was this through listening to the discourse/theory, or doing the shaking practice? or both?


You know, ever since your review of Shaking Medicine, your (fewer) posts just feel more light-hearted, less intense. Almost child-like? ;)





i had already been shaking, but not nearly as long or as FREELY as i do it now. it was his discourse/performance that i needed. i've been drowning in theories for the last decade, but it's his performance that made all the difference for me. i had to leave my comfort zone in order to receive his message. the above interview is uncharacteristically tame for Keeney. the Shaking CD set is on another level of absurd! just what i needed!


i think seth said it best in his comment in the freemasonry thread:


To me it smacks of 'Needing to be right' and to 'Really Know whats really going on' which indicates a deep fear of the universe. The anxiety driven Need to Know (with the limited mind) lets one clamp down on reality and shout "This is how it is! I Know what is going on and thus my sense of self is Secure!"

Hang on till grim death buddies!


i ALWAYS find myself locked into that paradigm of needing to know, needing to be/get it right, needing to figure it all out. i even clung to the theory of it being ungraspable!


i would only let go during peak experiences, and then only for a short time. after that it was back to clinging to knowledge with a death grip, because to be wrong is an unacceptable sin. i always believed that i would eventually grow out of it, and in the past few months i've noticed a significant loosening of my need to define everything, but i was still pretty stuck. hell, i still am stuck by my years of self-imposed conditioning, but it's really starting to dissolve now. and it feels good!


after 6 or 7 years of total rejection, i've even come to find redemption for Reiki! and it came to me while i was shaking! :lol:



my moments of deep openness are becoming more and more, alongside my embrace of ignorance.


my friends & students are gonna start thinking i'm schizo.


actually, i'm sure they already do!



sallcoming togeda. ;)

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