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Free yourself from trauma and conditioning!

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Over the last few months I have been working with the materials of a physical culturist by the name of Scott Sonnon. What makes his method of physical culture unique and relevant to all human beings, is that his focus is on ridding the body of all tension and movement restrictions while getting you into amazing shape at the same time.


"So what?" I can hear you say. "What does this have to do with my prostate?"


Well, your "tension and movement restrictions" are actually the stored reflections of your memories of emotional and physical trauma--and you travel through life handicapped by them. Your back pain, your inescapable fear of barking dogs, your swollen prostate...


... they are all related.


Some of you may not believe me. It is a radical concept with a special appeal for the young at heart--those who still remember that there was a time when they were happy and could smell the proverbial flowers. Do yourself a favor, and accept what I say in this newsletter as truth only until the end of this newsletter. Then you can go right back to your old way of thinking.


I promise. ;)


Accept for just a few minutes, the notion that in order to make changes in your life--real changes that impel those around you to stand up and take notice, you'll have to let go of the current patterns that up until now have been the architects of your life. These patterns are "guests" that have taken up residence in your mind, and will not leave (as would be their normal course of movement) only because you do not let them go.


These guests have been kept in the house of your mind against their will for so long that you often even mistake them for yourself! These guests are your mental addictions.


An example of a mental addiction could be any compulsion that "blocks your flow." I know that the word "compulsion" brings to mind those who wash their hands one time too many per day, and that was my intention in choosing such an adjective. You see, a neurotic hand-washing addiction is an obvious example of a compulsion because it lies outside of the range of what we consider "normal" or "baseline" mental activity and therefore begs for our attention.


From a Zen point of view, one could say that the habit of having conversations in your head is a compulsion. One could say the same for the projection of an angry drama into your future where you fantasize about exactly what you are going to tell so-and-so when they say such-and-such to you. Even the "creative visualization" of standing in front of a Mercedes dealership imagining yourself in a particular model in graphic detail is often just another form of neurosis that robs you of the present moment.


So, why are we so addicted to staying OUT of the present moment?


Because the present moment usually sucks.


In the present moment is where the painful past starts talking to you from the memories stored in your physical body in the form of tension and limited range of motion. The present moment is where you notice the evil along with the good, and where one experiences anxiety about the future. So you stay glued to the TV to distract yourself. If there is no TV around then your mind becomes the TV where you watch your own private "trauma-porn" over-and-over again when it should be a mirror reflecting the beauty all around you.


As you read the above, you probably said to yourself "Man, these things you call 'compulsions' and 'addictions' are all normal mental activities that everybody indulges in!"


That's the problem.


A cluttered mind is so common that it isn't even worthy of notice until it gets to the point that you find yourself smitten with a nervous tic or two! LOL


At that point I won't need to convince you of the wisdom of "letting go" but by then it will be too late. You'll be helpless because at that point the patterns in your mind will have already shaped your body into their own image, and flesh is much harder to transform then are your thoughts.


Water doesn't flow easily when you add sand--it becomes concrete! You'll "let go" but "it" just won't leave. Why? Because your mind will still be getting the trapped signal from your body that it is not safe to let go, and the mind listens to the body because it needs the body in order to return to its origin. This is a very deep spiritual concept here, and something to keep in mind for the future. There is a saying in the "east" that goes something like "Without the body, the Tao cannot be realized but with the body, one cannot know the truth."


Something like that. :)


See, the body normally listens to the mind, but not when survival issues are at stake. This is when the mind defers to the body. Ironically, most "survival issues" that we store as trauma were not responses to true life-threatening events, but rather ego-threatening events which were generated in our minds to begin with!


The only solution I have found in my years as a Taoist adept is to work on letting go of the dysfunctional patterns in my body so that I'll have a window of opportunity to let them go in my mind. The mental part was easy once I knew how: I just didn't hold onto any thoughts anymore and they went away on their own. Actually, I shouldn't write about this in the past tense since it is happening all the time as long as I stay mindful of my thoughts.


The chemicals tied to stress, trauma, fear, etc. cannot help but be re-cycled for good use. It is just that simple, or as Coach Sonnon would say, "simply sophisticated."


Some people sit around and chant mantras or blank their minds via concentrated effort on their navels or perform a myriad of active/passive meditations. They all have their merits but the best method based on my experiences is to simply mimic the natural state of your mind which is more like a mirror then a sponge and just reflects the clouds as they drift on by.


One moment your thoughts are there, and the next they are gone. Pretty scary actually, and it takes some getting used to but the magic does comes from the space between your thoughts and the space between your breaths.


For my readers who come from a Taoist or spiritual background, what I am saying is that the whole esoteric school of thought with all of its "practices" and "techniques" only takes you so far and then you have to jump into the unknown. You have to have that "faith" that the Christians like to talk about so much. Faith in some god, faith in yourself, faith in the universe... whatever. But you have to have it or else you stay stuck forever in the realm of NLP, black magic, etc.


BUT!!! The point is that you cannot follow this path if your body is like frozen cement with locked joints, rigid muscles and knotted tendons. It is just not possible. Blame karma, blame it on the need to earn your wisdom... sometimes one just has to create their life in such a way so that it gets THAT bad before one embarks on the path of change and can really "get" the importance of overcoming one's mental addictions by dropping a little more with each and every day. This is why Coach Sonnon's material is so critical. It is your rope out of hell--but you still have to grab it and climb.


What does this have to do with your prostate? Plenty. But I don't have the time to intellectualize the connection. I already shot my wad on this newsletter. Plus, most of you won't do a damn thing with the information here anyway. That's just how it is. It's cool. I simply offer my wisdom up because it is what I must do. It is the way. Some of you need to be exposed to this stuff--these notes from a convicted hacker of human consciousness.


So, for those of you who know just exactly what it is that I am pointing at and jumping up and down about, here is a link to an incredible movement protocol that will give you amazing results in your quest for a healthy prostate and optimum functioning of your sexual organs:


And your life in general, for that matter... C'mon, join the tribe!


For those of you interested in studying Scott Sonnon materials further, my recommendation based on what has worked for me is FREEDOM BY DEGREE:



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