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By popular request I'm posting a little bit regarding the Sedona Method. There is a LOT more, and I realise the main teacher was in 'The Secret', but I DON'T want to get bogged down with that.


The information here comes from Hale Dwoskin's take on the late Lester Levinson's creation. There is also another well known instructor, Larry Crane, who teaches his own interpretation.


Lester Levinson was a VERY interesting man, who apparently achieved a state of enlightenment. Do a google and you can find more info. Larry Crane used to have a bio of Lester on his site but it seems to have gone. Shame.


What I want to look at here is how a part of the method is applied towards letting go of emotions that we feel. From personal experience I have had some success, which is why I present it now.


The method works from the position that our emotional state is a primary cause of problems in our life. By directed releasing we can let go, or release, these emotions. The clear state of mind then clearly benefits our lives.


The basic questions you ask yourself to let go of a feeling you have at any one time are:


What is my now feeling?

Could I welcome/allow it?

Could I let it go?

Would I let it go?



Answers are simply yes or no. It is NOT about analysing the feeling, but simply acknowledging it, allowing it to be, and letting go. There is no judgement of right or wrong regarding the feeling.


I relation to habits, before we do a habitual action, we can release on it. Once the feelings have gone, then the drive to do the action is gone.


Of course sometimes we will do something and not think about letting go of the feelings behind it. That is ok. You simply release afterwards. Often feelings of guilt cause us to continue doing the things we feel guilty about. A case of what the hell, I'm a bad person, I've started now, etc.


While there are many names given to the different emotions, according the the method, there are four root emotions:


The desire for control, approval/love, security/survival and separation.


When asking what feeling you have, it is useful to look for the core emotion at the root. Dig out the root and you get rid of it. Leave the root and it can come back.


While releasing, it is likely that a myriad of feelings will arise. Just let go of them until a feeling of peace happens. If you feel 'stuck', allow the feeling to be and then release on that.


Aside from the pricey audio courses out, there is a book which I have and which has a lot of detailed information in it.






It isn't expensive and I recommend it whole heartedly. It isn't the answer to every issue or problem, but it is a piece of the puzzle.


At some point in the future I would like to touch more on Lester Levinson but that will have to wait for now.





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