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Introducing myself

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Good day to you all,


I am a 23 year old Taijiquan (Yang/Cheng Man Ching style) practitioner from Norway.


While I do not self-identify as a "daoist", I believe that maybe I might as well could have. I have little appreciation of dogma of any kind, and in my everyday life I draw inspiration from all sorts of spiritual traditions. I practice various energetical exercises or qi gong to attain better health both spiritually, mentally and physically. I was raised (thankfully liberally) catholic and have much love for the contemplative and mystical paths still surviving in the christian faith.


I am trained as a traditional acupuncturist and have been taught by my master to use qigong to reinforce the effects of my needling when I practice it. I started training in Taiji and Qigong at the age of thirteen or fourteen. Like so many others, I have only practiced diligently for short spells during my around 10 years of practice, while letting my attention wander off from my training for long periods in between. I give my training most of the honour for me still being in fairly good health after living very recklessly since my late teens. I certainly had no genetical advantages as I was in very bad health through all my childhood until I started taiji practice.


I look forward to rededicating myself to my qigong and taijiquan practice, with more of what we some times call "maturity," or if you would like, with more will to at least partly neutralize the various distractions or our civilization than I had before. The "tao bums" community seems to be a inspiring resource - I am sure being active on this forum will be both educational and inspiriational to me and help me "keep on track" in my practice :)


My daily practice now includes the 108 form taijiquan set, three qigong exercises called The Unchangeable Bear, Massaging Inner Organs and Balancing Inner Organs. I also try to do light calisthenics/strength training and silent meditation several times a week.


your friend

Andreas (Taiji-student)

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