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In the nighttime I enjoy listening to radio shows on my mp3 player, as a way to wind down, before getting tired. I have encountered a couple pf podcasts that also might be of interest for people here on the forum. I would also enjoy tips and links to interesting radio.


Here is the show that i listened to yesterday




We continue our mini-series with Daniel Tatman on "the Bath Mystery's". Join us for an excellent two part special on geomancy, lay lines & organic/fractal architecture. Topics Discussed: The Egyptian Connection, Sacred Science, Symbolism, Egyptian architecture, Geomancy, Telluric Lines, Astrological Geomancy, Sound, Vibration, Tones, Dowsing, Hamish Miller, Paul Broadhurst, Michael and Mary lines, David Talbot, Female & Male Lay Lines, Sun & Moon, Male & Female, Djed & Tyet, Electro & Magnetism, Square & Circle, Freemasonic Geomancy, Unbalanced Cities, Norman Foster, Straw Bale Houses, Proportions & Ratios, Caduceus, Ankh, Freemasonic Mark, Steganography, Johannes Trithemius, Francis Bacon, Paracelsus, Agripp, Aiq Bekar, Gematria, Geomancy of Churches, Tom Brooks, The Pythagorean Triangle of Britain & The Queen's coronation and much more.





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"Stormy Weather is a weekly podcast that covers subjects such as shamanism, alien abduction, global conspiracies, occultism, mythology, DNA, Masonic Sorcery Theater, postmodern society, and the day-to-day struggle of the creative individual to navigate an increasingly apocalyptic environment."






"a growing collection of interesting videos, talks and animations centering on the mind, reality and science"



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Here are some interesting podcasts with varying subjects:


http://occultsentinel.com/focuses on western paths


http://c-realmpodcast.podomatic.com/ a wide variety of subjects, consciousness, entheogens, peak oil, etc


http://dietsoap.podomatic.com/ alternative subjects


http://shamanicfreedomradio.podomatic.com/ shamanism, entheogens and alternative views


http://gnosticmedia.podomatic.com/ "A show that takes you far beyond the commonly understood concepts of religious practice, history, philosophy, the ancient mysteries, and politics, into the heart of cognizance itself."

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