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first of all, shengzhen is the best qi gong period. michael winn steals from shengzhen without giving adequite cedit. Second best in my opinion is the Dumai(.org) chi kung. This will show you how to open the chi flow to WHERE YOU NEED IT EXACTLY. It has DEEP postures following the meridians and tendons and muscles in a balanced way to liberate our chi. PM me...


second. i wasted mad time holding in my semen when I had waaaay to much. I read from other masters that you should figure out how often it is okay to ejaculate without feeling "depleted". So, for someone my age, (20) I can cum like every few days and that will keep me at equilibrium. It also depends on variables such as how much physical movement and chilling with hot ladies you have been doing, as this will pump up your jing. I am arguing that it is NOT okay to keep infinite semen in there (at my age at least) because it is IMBALANCED CHIA AND WINN YOU FUCKERS! God damn it. aaaaaaahhhhh sorry.


Now, as far as people thinking they understand the tao, you dont. Now if you realize that, then you can start to understand it.


And one more thing. About drugs, I thought it was interesting in Chia's latest book on Secret teachings of the tao teh ching, it says that drugs are like a fals orgasm, that depelete jing...intersting way to look at it. It is okay to do drugs as long as you REALIZE this, just as it is okay to by angry as long as you realize (on an internal level) that your liver (or whatever) is the cause of it and you intend to fix it.


You could spend a lifetime and a fortune trying to get enlightened...but some teachers stand out. Props to Gilles Marin.


And as far as dream yoga (ron) I feel like in order for you to really master this you gotta be really damn enlightened and always thinking about sex and chi flow at the same time. Agreed?


Its all about the biofeedback, so relax and go witht he biofeedback.


Make the illness itself into your medicine.

-Lu Dong Bin


Illness is the best medicine.


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first of all, shengzhen is the best qi gong period. michael winn steals from shengzhen without giving adequite cedit.


Well, Shengzhen and Healing Tao don't seem to be mutually exclusive - quite the opposite. Otherwise there wouldn't be an instructor like Carsten Dohlke.

I neither know Michael Winn's courses nor do I have some experience in Shengzhen (I only glimpsed through the book once; seems to be quite good, have to try it some time), but isn't there always the danger of copying. The principles are the same. There may be different methods to do something (e.g. opening the energy channels), but eventually there is no more place for variation. You can find similarities in most Qi Gung / Nei Gong forms (Dr. Linn's methods/Yudelove's descriptions/Mantak Chia's explanations and even Bryn Orr's book seem to describe Sexual Gong Fu / the Orbit only from different viewpoints - the essence is always the same), but you can never really know who copied. Especially newer forms seem always to be a newer interpretation of old material - it can't be so much different. Also Chia's stuff is quite often copied without any reference. Anyway, does it really matter? Is there a copyright for Qi Gong forms (I'm not talking about the printed book or tape, only the form as something "abstract")? Doesn't really matter what works? If a combination of two (or even more forms) works fine and doesn't interfere with each other. Perfect!

Some forms fit you better, others someone else. There is no absolute Way - only YOUR WAY.

There is only the BEST QI GONG FOR YOU!!! The trick is to find it out.

As for biofeedback, you're right. It seems to be nothing else than that ... ;)

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true true


Michael came out with a system that works best for him. I only say he did not give adequite credit because he mentions Li Jun Feng on the video and says he learned the move from him without hinting that there are many other awesome moves and forms and all kinds of goodness to be learned from this teacher's aswesome system called shengzhen (unconditional love) with videos and books for us too. But anyways, I dont really care. Its all good now that we know who has the illist moves. I still have almost infinite respect for Winn, but come on now! Give respect where its due! For the love of the tao!:ph34r:



Thanks for pointing out that instructor, he has an awesome website and Im sure hes one of the best UT teachers out there. I wonder who else has the illness?


4:59 am-goodnight taobums



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