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  1. Gold Dragon Body Photos

    [quote name='Ya Mu' date='20 October 2010 - 02:17 AM' timestamp='1287533858' post='218322' My suggestion is to use common sense and inner heart in choosing what to study and don't let these things distract you. It really makes no difference whatsoever if the pics were real or not. What matters is how YOU feel after any particular practice. Exactly! So fascinating any "promised" effects of a practice might be ... the direct effect on your well-being should be the real focus. Does it feel right? How do you feel afterwards? Balanced, energetic or tired!? It's not so much different from a good training session in the gym. If you feel refreshed afterwards everything is fine and you are in good shape. If you're tired you have trained to much or you might be getting ill.
  2. Cold hands during practice

    Yes, Frangrance Qigong is really perfect to get warm hands (and keep warm hands if practiced consistently). That's also my experience! Apart from that, it's really easy to learn, too! Good advice!
  3. The greatest danger is simply to put far too much focus on Healing Love and forget about the basics and a good foundation. Grounding and balancing the Five Elements is essential! If it helps you to become a more balanced and caring person/lover, perfect! Be aware that sexual energy amplyfies all youre emotions - the good and the bad ones! The very first books of Mantak Chia are very well written. Unfortunatly this is not true for his later books (with a few exceptions) ... I'll rather recommend Yudelove's first book: 100 Days to Better Health, Good Sex & Long Life: A guide to Taoist Yoga & Chi Kung. The way he puts everything together is awesome. He presents the stuff in small simple steps which are easy to follow. Some further thoughts: 1. Read Trunk's warning and dangers section! There are no guarantees. 2. Work out! The better the shape you are in the more successful you are even with Chi Kung/Nei Kung. That's at least my experience! 3. Practice a moving form. It can be as simple as the Eight Pieces of Brocade or as complex as a Tai Chi Chuan form. There are also a lot of medical Chi Kung forms which are very good. All the Healing Tao stuff is very much head-driven. We Westerners are already too much in the head! A moving form helps to let go and relax. 4. Develop the Ming Men! It's really essential for this kind of practice! Have fun!
  4. You'll find a good summary on Healing Tao and Dr. Lin's stuff on Trunk's page: Alchemical Taoism.com under "Healing Love"
  5. ding dong, the stick is dead

    That might be interesting: The Great Global Warming Swindle
  6. Hello My Fellow Bums

    Yes, very nice books!
  7. Newscientist: Our world may be a giant hologram

    Interesting, indeed!
  8. the tao bums map

    Sweden is not so empty anymore ...
  9. Happy Birthday Yoda and Mantra68!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Hello from Loke

  11. Hello there Tao bums

    Hi Castor, welcome to taobums. Why are you waiting to start your Kunlun practice? Yes, it's fine to have the transmission. Max told me at the work shop that most people never see him personally. That's also the reason for the book. I have been practicing Kunlun long before I met Max and got the transmission. You can have a good start even without the transmission. That's at least my experience and that of a lot of other taobums.
  12. Kunlun Europe

  13. New Here

  14. Kunlun Europe

    It's close to the mountains but probably not so close as you are implying. You have to take the car. I remember some nice skiing week-end close to Mont Blanc when I went to school in that area. France is relatively cheap - but keep in mind that it's close to Geneva/Switzerland! Definitely still cheaper than Oslo. At least the best place of all the kunlun locations to get really good "flute" and "pain au chocolat". I would have chosen that location if the date had been different.
  15. Kunlun Europe

    The dates seem to be fix now according to the Kunlun page. Who else is joining me in Oslo except for hagar and qinqong? Vi ses!