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I'm a new user here looking to find out more about taosim and whether it is right for me, in the sense that it will help me lead a better life the way i want to lead it.


I am going away for 3 weeks and hope to read the Tao Te Ching, and hopefully on my own i'll be able to gain enough insight about that for more questions when i return. For now though the only book on the subject i have ever read is "zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" when was very interesting to say the least, and i am still trying to understand a lot of its substance. After reading it i came across Taoism as it seemed to resonate with some deep truths that i held with myself. It was very relieving to find such a developed philosophy on what i believed in.


Lately i've been a bit more troubled by it though, i mean i live in Canada, a very materialistic place...where its hard to see a place for the Tao, even though the Tao is all places. Happiness here is very dependent on your skills, your achievements, your leadership, etc. The Tao, from my understanding, teaches none of these things. It teaches to be one and i think i can kind of understand that, to have all your desires and actions flow together at once from within and therefore be without conflict, and yet i find my actions never really echo my desires. I'm now in a place where i don't know if my desires are faulty or my actions are, and believe me its not a good place to be.


Anyway enough of a rant for my first post lol, thank you for having me on the board and i look forward to learning here, (although the more you learn, the less you know...?)

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