Russian research on DNA

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Anyone with a good scientific background here can confirm if this is *science* ?








Yep Im familiar with this. Without any evidence, it certainly sounds like sheer quackery as my biochemistry teacher would indicate.


Although, it does appear that DNA is a good electromagnetic conductor via it's negatively charged phosphate back bone, and to some degree research has showed between the nitrogenous bases. It is coil-shaped or soliton shaped, and is thus subject to acoustic waves as well. Bio-photons are documented science, not particularly well however, and they aren't in many biology text books, but they are taken to be a phenomenon. Weither or not the DNA is a non-linear optical system, mainstream science is a long way off from knowing.


It sounds like the phantom DNA effect, from a skeptics point of view, is probably due to some technical reading error with the machine. Perhaps it was a fluke with this one machine. It would have to be repeatable thousands of times before it could be called THE PHANTOM DNA EFFECT, as if it was official.


That said a lot of weird and interesting research comes out of Russia. I love Russian science!

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