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False holders

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In the back of the skull you see, but with lack of sight you lasped the light. But with insufficient light and narrow veiws you try to sound like Lao Tzu. Ponder a few stories, memorize a few sayings. Through arbitrary guess work, this trap has you. With self appointed glory, a self appointed preacher. Look, Look these poor souls need and teacher. Forgetting is forgetting, witnessing is witnessing. Missing the point, missing the strike, the swordsman dies tonight. Missing the eye your thoughts fly aloft. Clinging to one sidedness these childern need to grow up. Grow, grow, grow up fast. Otherwise human race might not last. Maybe wrong choice words, but it all reads absurd. Half way there so cheers to they. Wolf never sleeps nor wolf never awakes. So many fall, so many rise, why chose to blink a eye. The tao is your looking glass, and a dog wipes he's ass sitting on the grass.

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