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hi everyone,


i thought it would be a good idea to make a "wise story"-thread. just tell your favorite wise story to inspire each other.


here are some of mine that i already wrote in another thread of sunshine (sorry again: bad english):


a spiritual teacher is walking on the street with one of his students. they pass by a man that sits on a bank.

the teacher stumbles upon a stone that he didnt see and almost falls.


the students thinks: how can it be that my master stumbles upon a stone. i thought he was perfect and always aware of everything around. i am loosing some of my faith in him.


the teacher thinks: how embarassing. i am telling my students always to be present and now i stumble in front of one of them. i hope he doesnt tell the others ...


the man on the bank thinks: a man stumbled.



another story (sorry for the bad translation):


a poor man lives at the edge of a village. he has a beautiful white male horse that everyone admires. people think he is crazy because he is so poor but doesnt sell his horse. but he truely loves it and every day he is happy caring for it.


one day the horse runs away.


the people of the village come and say to him: that was wrong. you should have sold your horse as we always told you, now it is gone and you have nothing!


the man answers: everything is the way it is


a week later the horse comes back with a beautiful white female horse.


the people of the village came and said to him: you were right! now you even have two horses and you are even richer!


the man answers: everything is the way it is.


so his son tries to tame the new horse but falls and breaks bothe leggs. he will not be able to walk for a long, long time and cannot help his father.


the people say: you were wrong. you should have sold them and this would not have happened.


the man answers: everything is the way it is.


a few weeks later there is a war near the village and the landlord takes all young man of the village to fight. many of them die. they didnt recrute the son of the poor man because he couldnt walk.


the people say: you were right!







and one more:


three monks live for several years in a monastary and meditate hard every day. one day the master comes and tells them:


i will test you if you are ready to leave the monastary forever. if you fail you have to stay many more years. if you pass you are ready to leave.


you just walk down the hill to the next little town. if you manage not to speak until you arrrive, you do not have to come back. if you speak, you must come back and finish what you have started.


the monks agree and walk to the village.


after a while one of them says: "we almost made it!"


the other one says: "be quite. we are not supposed to talk!"


the last one says: "ha! i am the only one who didnt say anything!"

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