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Taoist technical problem

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Different from those daily life issues in which we deal with materials , tools, energy , forms and rules , taoist technical problem is the one related to how we handle emptiness/ nothingness before our eyes ; handling or even playing with emptiness /nothingness , making it as something " technical " , is undoubtedly a significant creation of human spirit , the main achievement of Buddhism and Taoism for human being. Only nothingness lasts forever ; Capable of living with it , in fact, is the real source of taoist immortality ..


Some people may claim that taoist technical problems are those issues dealing with how we manipulate our breathing, situate our hands or how we visualize something .. it is really not true...


Western thinkers such as Satre and Heidegger do write about Being and Nothingness...etc , however,they are the people who think of those problems , not really deal with it .

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