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a poem

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this is a poem that appears to have been written some time ago yet while reading it i found so many techniques and methods listed in it that he seems to describe as useless. however, i will let you interpret it yourselves.


some passages that jump out at me specifically include


For example,

Some people eat only pine nuts or special foods,

In such a way how can they break off their roots of births and deaths?


Some people regard breath-ceasing as the Uncreated-Heaven stage,

But when they become old they still achieve nothing so that their efforts are also unavailing;


Some people accumulate their sex cells which are regarded as the Lead and the Hydrargyrum,

This might trigger some wheeling but still is not the same thing as the Gold Dharn



Some people shrink their glans penis or massage their breasts,

Those are exactly the unorthodox and inferior techniques;


Some people bend their bodies or lie on their backs and knock their Jade-Gates;

Some people embrace their Origins and hold their Oneness by moving their eyeballs;

Some people raise their shoulders, retract their necks, and meditate on their spinal columns;

Some people imaginarily move their Flowing Pearls and concentrate on their so-called Ultra-Yarm;

Some people write false talismans and say incorrect incantations;

Some people spend lots of money to study how to make their bodies invisible;

Some people massage their bodies and utter the sounds of the six characters

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