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dao zhen

Yin Yang

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The movement of Tao gives rise to Qi.


The spontaneity of Qi gives rise to the interactions of Yin and Yang.


Yin and Yang are the opposite expressions of the same reality.


Mass and energy are the opposite expressions of the same Qi.


Qi is the mass and Qi is the energy, yet Qi is also the transforming force between mass and energy.


Energy is represented by Yang and mass by Yin.


Yin and Yang are different and opposite; they undergo movement and transformation in the Infinite Emptiness.


The union of Yin and Yang becomes harmony.


This union of harmony is possible because they are opposite.


It is because they are opposite that interactions take place.


This is the source of interactions.


The Yin and Yang concept is applied to all opposites in the universe, to substance and to motion.


For motion and stillness also are intrinsic with Yin and Yang.


Thus the Infinite Emptiness is the field; Qi resting is the mass - Yin; Qi in motion is the energy, Yang; and the Qi both resting and in motion is the transforming force.


According to Lao Tzu, all things carry Yin and Yang, through the impact of the Qi, harmony is accomplished.

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