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A play

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 The Raven‭’‬s Tale.

Cast :

The Orator.
The Raven.
A Nymph.
The Centaur.
A Prattling Crow.
Three Magpies.
The Gods.
The Hydra


[Curtain (black) drawn closed . The Orator is to the right side of stage , dimly lit by a spot from top leftof stage . ]

Orator ; “ ‭Be that word our sign of parting, bird or fiend!' I shrieked upstarting -

‭`Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore!

Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken‭!

Leave my‭ ‬loneliness unbroken‭! ‬-‭ ‬quit the bust above my door‭!

Take thy beak from out my heart,‭ ‬and take thy form from off my door‭!'

Quoth the raven,‭ `‬Nevermore.‭ “‬

[Spot out - darkness . Orator exists .   ]


Scene 1. The Raven.

[ Lights up.  A Nymph walks across the stage holding a large  sign with ‘The Raven’ written on it and the  image of a raven .

The stage  curtain is drawn and  background 1.  ( appropriate star map with constellations and animals ; Corvus/raven sitting on top of Hydra/serpent and Crater / cup next to him and centaur nearby to the left ) is revealed . Before  it sit The Raven  and The Centaur in appropriate places  . ]

The Orator ( voice over ) :  “ Once upon a time a raven was circling around the southern heavens,‭ ‬looking rather  depressed .‭ ‬A voice addressed him‭; “.

‭The Centaur;  “Why so glum Brother Raven?”

‭[The Raven turns to look and there amongst the stars is  a man with lance  and the body of a horse.   ]


‭The Raven; “ Well, it wasn’t always like this you know. Things used to be quiet good but then there were some complications with my boss’s girlfriend and that business with that big cup there and this troublesome sea serpent creature / monster thing, to  whom, I now seem firmly attached.”  

‭He indicates the constellations of Crater, The Cup and Hydra .

‭[ Raven flapps and flutters his wings but he can not seem to separate himself from the Hydra nor move through the stars]

Centaur; ‭“Well, we all have our issues. Tell me about yours?”

‭Raven : “Issues? I don’t have issues!  I am just there and things happen to me … it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with me! I am purely a victim of circumstances.”


Centaur; ( He smiles) ‭ “ Dear R‬aven‭ ! ‬Is there any such thing‭? ‬I doubt it,‭ ‬for we all play a part in the events that unfold around us.‭ ‬Well then,‭ ‬tell me what happened and we will see if we can work out a solution to your dilemma together.‭”

‭Raven ; “Very well. It all started back when I was with my master , Apollo. He bid me observe the affairs of gods and men and report back to him, that being my duty, ordained by Zeus, how could I refuse it? The same as I could not refuse my other duty, to disperse amongst men the prophesies of my master Apollo so men may know the will of Zeus. All went well until that business with the woman.

‭“ One day when pulling Helios across the sky in his chariot Apollo saw the Princess Corona of Larissa, the fairest maid of all Aemonia. Apollo courted Corona and things seemed good. Apollo was happy with her and she was known to have a ‘grateful charm’, to be a joy to him and faithful in love … while none defamed her chastity.


‭“But, unfortunately for me, one day I observed from high perch, that very same Corona laying in a field with a lad … who was certainly NOT Apollo. Being faithful to my master’s charge, I immediately leapt from my perch, spread out my white wings and beat them as fast as I could to propel myself home to my master’s abode and repot to him this new development.

‭“But a crow followed me. A noisy busy-body prattling crow, curious of my alarm and quick flight and what it was I observed. After me, the prattling Crow followed with flapping wings, eager to learn what caused this Raven's haste .....“

‭[Outer black curtain closes ]

‭Scene 2.  A Prattling Crow .

‭[ The Nymph walks along the stage with a sign, text and picture ' A Prattling Crow’. Curtain opens to reveal backdrop 2. -  sky, with clouds passing by .]

‭Raven ; ( enters from stage right - now he has white plumage -  winging his way through the sky.)

‭Crow;  ( Enters stage right following him.)

‭Raven; (spots Crow, gets annoyed and flapps faster, but Crow catches up.)

‭Crow; , “ Tell not what you have seen Brother Raven ! I saw you observing in that tree, but although you think you are fulfillling your master’s charge and being loyal , take heed of my story !  

“ A long time ago,‭ ‬the god Vulcan fathered a son,‭ ‬Erichthonius,‭ ‬under strange circumstances.‭ ‬He tried to rape Minerva but didn't succeed.‭ ‬Instead,‭ ‬his seed fell down to earth‭; ‬from where it landed,‭ ‬up sprang Erichthonius.‭ ‬Minerva seemed to want to cover the whole thing up,‭ ‬so she hid the child in a basket.‭ ‬She then made this basket the responsibility of the three‭ ‬daughters of Cecrops,‭ ‬an ancient king of Athens.‭ ‬Then she made them swear never to look inside it.

‭“ Two of the daughters, Pandrosos and Herse, obeyed the goddess, but the third, Aglauros, peeked inside – and a saw a baby with a serpent curled up beside him. Then I went to Minerva and tattled on Aglauros for peeking . Minerva was so displeased that she took it out on me ! I was just the messenger of a wrongdoing  but she  forbade me to be her special bird any longer; from that point on, her friends have been owls and I have been ignored. Beware Raven that the same fate awaits you.”


Raven ; “ Out of my way Crow!  I must do my duty and report to my Master.”

‭Crow; “ Well,  you might think that I never was Minerva's special bird in the first place.  Harumph ! If you do, you're wrong. To prove it, I will tell you a second story. A long time ago, I used to be a beautiful princess, with many suitors. But then, one day, while I was walking along the beach, the god of the Ocean saw me and became amorous. But I wanted nothing to do with him.

‭“ He pursued me, so I prayed to the gods for help. The only one who listened was Minerva, herself a virgin, who transformed me into a crow. This is how I became Minerva's bird. But now I have been disowned and the owl has taken my place , who also used to be a Princess, although nowhere near as fair as I and whose morals are poorly lacking - the little tart!’


Raven ; “ Oh you who talk too much ! A mischief fall upon your prating head for this detention of my flight.‭ ‬Your words and warnings I despise.

“ I shall do my duty in haste, despite thy warnings to inform my patron Apollo how I saw the fair Corona with a lad of Thessaly ! “

[Raven flies off leaving the Crow behind and exists stage left .  The outer curtain is drawn ]

Act 4 - The ‘Beautiful’ Apollo.

[The Nymph walks across the  stage with sign with text and image ‘The ‘Beautiful’ Appollo’. The outer curtain is drawn back . ]

Scene  ; Apollo’s Temple . Apollo is on his throne playing his harp and singing . Raven enters . ]

Raven ;  (short of breath ) “  My Lord Apollo , I have news  ... bad news I fear . But is it not your charge that I watch the affairs of men and report back to you on their behaviour ... and in turn I relay your decrees and orders to mankind ? “

Apollo : “ Indeed my bird, it is. Speak ! “

Raven :  “ I saw fair Corona lying in yonder field with a Lad of Thessaly . “

Apollo ; ( he drops his plectrum ):  “  When was this ? “

Raven “ Just then ... well, some time ago, I flew here as fast as I could but I was delayed by a prattling crow . “

Apollo ; “ And where is Corona now ? “

Raven ; “  I dont know . “

Apollo ;  “Send my guards to bring her here ! “

[Apollo sets down his harp, he paces, he fiddles, he attends to his bow, he paces with an arrow in hand striking his thigh as he walks . Raven looks nervous.

Corona enters. ]

Corona : “My Lord ? “

Apollo : “ Ahhh , my loyal  Corona , my love ?  “ ( he takes up his harp and starts strumming it ) “My bird , this Raven,  tells me a fantastic tale , and you must tell me that it isnt true  .... and then I shall deal with him later . He seems to think he saw you laying in a nearby field with a lad of Thessaly . Explain to me why he is suddenly lying to me ? “

Corona ; ( totally taken aback) “ Oh !  I  .... I     ..... well ......    “

Apollo  ( angry )  “ It’s true ? ! “

Corona : ( slumps in resignation )  “ Yes. “

Apollo ; (raging , he drops the harp, he contorts, he looks insane , he takes up his bow, notches an arrow and fires at Corona , it pierces her breast . )

.Corona ; ( slumps , pause, she stirs, removes the shaft  moaning ) “Ah,‭ ‬Apollo‭! ‬punishment is justly mine‭!‬ But wherefore didst thou not await the hour of birth‭? ‬For by my death an innocent is slain. For I am with child . . . your child .” ‭ (she dies )

‭ Raven ; (crouches down and covers his head with his wings .)

‭[Outer curtain is drawn closed  ]

‭[ pause .... outer curtain is opened ]

‭Scene 6  ( back drop back to no 1 , Raven ( black plumage ) and Centaur )

‭Raven (sad) : “ This said, her soul expired with her life-blood, and death congealed her drooping form.   .We stood there frozen at the horror.  Sadly the love-lore God did repent his jealous deed; regret too late his ready credence to this Raven's tale. Mourning his thoughtless deed and blaming myself, he vents his rage upon this very bird; he hates his bow, the string, his own right hand, the fateful arrow, anything but himself and his own jealous rage.”

‭“As a last resource, and thus to overcome her destiny, he strove to cherish her beloved form; for vain were all his medicinal arts. But when he saw upraised the funeral pyre, where wreathed in flames her body should be burnt, the sorrow of his heart welled forth in sighs; but tearless orbed, for no celestial face may tide of woe bedew.

‭“Yet, after Apollo poured the fragrant myrrh, sweet perfumes on her breast, that now once more against his own he pressed, and after all the prematurely hastened rites were done, he would not suffer the offspring of his loins to mingle with her ashes, but he plucked from out the flames, forth from the mother's thighs his child, unborn, and carried to the cave of double-natured Chiron - a relative of yours I believe.”

‭[The Centaur nods .]

‭Raven ;  “Then to him he called this foolish truthful Raven, high in hopes of large requital due for all his words; but, angry with my meddling ways. He frothed, he fumed and turned red. He burst forth fire that filled the temple and I , caught up in the conflagration had my pearly plumes engulfed. So fierce was the fire of his own guilt and shame expelled forth, my very beautiful plumage was scorched and  turned from pearly white to deep dark black and he forbade me forever more to perch among the favoured birds whose plumes are white.

‭“ And then, to add insult to injury he spoke:

‭‘Wanton babbler! see thy fate !

‭Messenger of mine no longer,

Go to Hades with thy prate‭!

‭Weary Pluto with thy tattle!

Hither,‭ ‬monster,‭ ‬come not back‭;

‭And — to match thy disposition —

Henceforth be thy plumage black‭ !‬’

“Much concerned I hurriedly departed his presence and flew up into the highest branch of the highest tree and hid myself within the leaves and shadows‭ ‬until his blood and temper cooled.‭”

[Three Magpies fly in  and alight along a string of nearby stars.]

‭Centaur ; “Your story attracts others that long to hear,”

‭Raven : “ “It is the Chorus, every time this story is told they insist, very annoyingly , in my opinion, to sing in sweet melody and rhyme their version of the events told.”

‭Magpie 1 ;  “Complaining Raven!  This is a Holy event which we must always commemorate. The God's most holy presence asks the hymn, the solemn hymn, the hymn of agony, lest, in the air of glory that surrounds the child of Semele, we lose the earth and corporal presence of the Zeus-begot.”

Magpie‭ ‬2:‭ “‬Yea,‭ ‬sisters,‭ ‬raise your voices.‭

‭Magpie 3:  “Aye  -  we sing.”

‭All Magpies: “Hail, child of Semele!

To her as unto thee

Be reverence,‭ ‬be deity,‭ ‬be immortality‭!”

‭Magpie 1; “Shame! treachery of the spouse

Of the Olympian house,

Hera‭! ‬thy grim device against the sweet carouse‭!”

‭Magpie 2; “ Lo! ~ in red roar and flame

Did Zeus descend‭! ‬What claim

To feel the immortal fire had then the Theban dame‭!

‭Magpie 3; “Caught in that fiery wave;

Her love and life she gave

With one last kissing cry the unborn child to save. “

Magpie 1; “And thou,‭ ‬O Zeus,‭ ‬the sire

Of Bromius--hunter dire‭!‬--

Didst snatch the unborn babe from that Olympian fire: “

Magpie‭ 2; “‬In thine own thigh most holy

That offspring melancholy

Didst hide,‭ ‬didst feed,‭ ‬on light,‭ ‬ambrosia,‭ ‬and moly.”

Magpie‭ 3‬:‭ “‬Aye‭! ‬and with serpent hair

And limbs divinely fair

Didst thou,‭ ‬Dionysus,‭ ‬leap forth to the nectar air‭!”

‭Magpie 1 ; “Ay! thus the dreams of fate

We dare commemorate,

Twining in lovesome curls the spoil of mate and mate.”

Magpie2:‭ “‬O Dionysus,‭ ‬hear‭!

‭Be close, be quick, be near,

Whispering enchanted words in every curving ear‭!”

‭Magpie 3; “ O Dionysus, start

As the Apollonian dart‭!

‭Bury thy horned head ... “

‭ All Magpies : “ Iiiiiinn

‭Ev – eeeeery bleed - innnnng heeeeaaaart!”

‭Raven  ( to Centaur ); “They always go for a big finish. Now, If I may continue?”

‭[The Magpies fly off.  The outer curtain closes ]


‭Scene 6  - The Banquet of the Gods.

‭Nymph ; ( as above etc . )

‭[The outer curtain opens . Temple of Appollo -   The Gods are seated at a banquet table, feasting and talking . ]

‭Raven; ( Voice over ) “ After much time passed and grief was done and Gods and men passed on to other things Apollo deemed it was time to give thanks for better fortune and arranged to give a feast to Jupiter and requiring the best water, finally spoke unto me.”

Apollo : ( picks up his cup and goes to drink, but sees it is empty ) “ Where is my bird , that chattering Raven ? “

Raven ; ( flys in and lands next to Apollo )

‭Apollo ; “Raven, go, my bird, so that naught may delay the pious rites, and bring a little water from fair and running springs. Catch up my sacred gilded bowl in thy hooked claws and fly aloft on an airy journey to far Lerna  where lies the the Alcyonian Lake. And make sure to return swiftly so the Gods may not be parched -  especially me ... as  I plan to sing later . “

‭[ outer curtain closes ]

‭Scene whatever it is - The Hydra !

‭Nymph ... as before .

‭[Outer curtain opens  - Back drop 1 Raven and Centaur ]

‭Raven ; “Upon my aerial approach I noticed the most bright and sparkling body of water and alighted upon a nearby tree to rest before I filled the cup. I noticed a beautiful sweet aroma filled the air. Looking about I saw the tree was laden with the largest, juiciest, purple figs I have seen, their juice overflowed from around their stem and had run down the fruit and dried in a crystalline coating of fig sugar. Of course I tried one . And then another. It wasn’t that they were so good, but being on a Holy mission, I realised I must have my strength for the journey back, carrying the filled cup. So I set the cup down and ate some more … and some more. “

‭“ After some time, when I could not eat any more and my stomach was greatly distended, I realised flight with the full cup may be impeded, so, with no desire but to fulfil my duty most efficiently, and because I was now tired and drowsy, I went to sleep within the branches of that shady tree.”

‭[ Curtain closes ]

‭Act ?  

‭[Curtain opens ]

‭Scene  [ - The Alchonian Lake . ;   there is a pool of water and a near by fig tree with  Raven sleeping in it . On the ground nearby is the cup. The Sun is in the sky, stage right . The Sun moves across the sky . ]

‭Raven ; (awakes startled.   He has a fat belly and  smeared figs on his face . He looks at the Sun, in a panic he snatches up the cup and goes to the pool . he dips the cup in) .

‭The Hydra arises out of the pool ]

‭Hydra; “ Raven, why do you take this precious water?’

‭Raven ;  “ Do not distract me -  You of many heads.  Return to the depths of your pool while I go about my sacred charge. You are delaying me, would you let the Gods go thirsty ? “

Hydra; “ You have your duties but I have mine , and it is to guard this precious water . If you have good reason to take it , as you say ' for the Gods’ , then show me your warrent . “

Raven ; “ I dont have to answer to you ! “

[Raven fills the cup but Hydra grabs it , they are both pulling it, and start figting , hissing and squarking and  hitting each other

[outer curtain closes ]





Scene  ...  The Curse

Nymph  .....

[outer curtain opens , backdrop The Banquet of the Gods - they look irritated and cranky , some try to converese but have dry throats, they cough , etc .

‭Raven; flies in holding  the cup and  dragging along the Hydra who is holding the other handle of the cup. Raven deposits them on the floor in front of Apollo  ]

‭Apollo ; ( bellowing ) ‘What is this? Has my bird let me down again? Why did you take so long and thus allow the gods to go thirsty?’

‭Raven : ( laments) “ O Great Apollo please forgive me … I would have returned much sooner, but as I went to take the water from the sweetest spring of all, this water monster arose from the depths and challenged me to my purpose. I informed her I was on a mission from you, but she blocked my way , I fought bravely against her for a great length of time, she seized the sacred cup and would not let go, so I had to bring her here thus attached.”

‭ Apollo ; ( stands up and walkes around the banquet to confront Raven )  “ Is that so? And this is the truth? “

Raven ;  “‭Yes it is.”

‭Apollo : ( casually ) “ Why then my good and faithful Raven  .... … if it is true, why, tell me then …  ( he thunders )   do you have SUCH A FAT BELLY AND FIGS SMEARED ALL OVER YOUR BEAK AND RUNNING DOWN YOUR CHEST ? “

‭[Raven flutters nervously ]

‭Apollo ; “ That is no water  monster, that is Hera’s Hydra , the worst she has ever done is to go out onto the flat-land to raid the flocks.

“‭I am impatient once again of your prattle and will have no more of any of this ! You have made the Gods throats dry and it has become hard to converse, so from now on you will have a dry throat! I command you to sing no more and instead only produce a dry croak to remind you of what you have done! By your lies you dare attempt to cheat the God of Prophecy by fibs? “

‭Raven ; ( He goes to speak but only coaks and squarks come out , he is shocked and holds his thoat , tries again, but more of the  same )

‭Apollo : “  And stop that damn squarking ....  I have had enough of you .... ALL OF YOU !  (  he grabs the cup and hurls it up into the stars , he grabs Raven in one hand and Hydra in the other and commences to hurl them up too ) .

‭[ outer curtain closes ]

‭Scene   The Vision

‭Nymph ....

‭[outer curtain opens ,  backdrop 1 . Raven and Centaur ]

‭Raven ; “And with that, he grabbed all three of us, myself that Cup  there and this Hydra under my feet and flung us up mightily into the sky and stars, to where we remain fixed unto this day. I am forever thirsty but the cup is just out of reach over there ...”

‭(Raven flapps and flutters his wings but still he remains stuck to the Hydra and none of them moved through the stars, nor towards the cup.)

Centaur ;  “I see. And you see this as misfortune‭?”

‭Raven :  “ Of course!   You do not?”

‭Centaur ;  “Well I can see it another way.”

‭Raven : “ Please go on and explain then . I am more than willing to release myself of my entrapments and ill-fortune.”

‭Centaur ; “Very well. First you must realise there is another level of story behind all the things that befall us, for we are, not just fixed amongst the stars, but are the patterns of the very stars themselves and this great pattern represents, not just life and events on earth but the very nature of Man’s own soul or Psyche, as represented by our sister of the same name, in truth, we are all parts of her story. I am an important part in that, as are you.

‭“ Remember earlier  when you said  that his child, unborn, was carried to the cave of double-natured Chiron - ‘a relative of yours I believe.’ ?  Well, I said yes, not wanting to interrupt your narative , but actually, I am that one and the same Chiron . Part of my duty has been to teach men how to read the stories in the stars. Also I hold the position of King of the Centaurs ,  they are a simple lot, but the Gods revered my intelligence , so much so that I have been the mentor of  that child   ... and  of Hercules  and some  notable others . “

‭Raven : “ Really ! The Great Hero Hercules ! And you where his mentor ? “

‭Chiron ; “ Of which I am rather ashamed to mention , what a failure !  But that is another story, suffuce it to say , I too owe my position to his blunders .”

‭Raven; “ Well, you must tell me how that happened . “

‭Chiron; “ One of my centaurs , Pholous  who was friends  with Hercules invited him to to his home for dinner . When Pholous was not looking Hercules helped himself to some sacred centaur wine , made only for centuars. When he returned  he was horrified ! There Hercules sat with the bottle open, drinking it . Well, the secent had drifted out and  reached the other centaurs. Furious, they grabbed weapons and charged at Pholou’s house. Hercules came  out firing his bow and killing many of my centaurs . Hearing the commotion I ran outside to stop the fight but was grazed on the knee  by one of Hercules’ arrows ,  unfortuanetly , one that had been dipped in the blood of the Hydra.  Being imortal, back then, I could not die and was doomed to live on in great pain.  It was so bad I asked Zeuss to kill me to end my pain , and  he obliged . So here I am , in the world beyond death .

‭“ But  do not give yourself lack of importance for your part is, perhaps more crucial, than you realise.”

Raven ; “How is that‭?”‬

Centaur : ‭“By analogy and symbol dear  Raven. For example you lament about your loss of colour from pearly white to deep dark black … even blue black if I may add. Have you not noticed that it is the very colour of space itself? Have you not noticed that white reflects light, hence finds difficulty in absorbing it. While black absorbs light by not reflecting it. By being black you are absorbing the light, and light is good, warm and gives life and illumination. “

‭Raven ; “ I see. You  do seem  wise in your observations, so what is your function in the psyche of Man?”


Centaur ; “ To interpret symbols, as I said , I teach men how to read the stars. But the affairs of the Gods, as well as the movement and arrangement of the stars are  also for Man’s learning. In that we both play a part .  Also my path is about healing, esecially the deep healing of a wound .  Actually, they are  both the same thing .”

Raven : “ What  are both the same thing ?”

Centaur ;  “ Healing and understanding  the movement of the stars   and the affairs of the Gods , which Man calls ‘myth’.....  they all come together to heal the psyche  of Man .”

‭“Let us move on to the feast for Jupiter and see if we can unfold more of your purpose and hence your illumination.”

‭Raven ; “Very well.”

Centaur ; “ ‭Firstly the spring and pool is deep water, that is a symbol of the Psyche, the deep soul of man, of which he only perceives the surface.

‭“Deep within lies the many headed Hydra, which at times, can have one head and at other times many heads. It is the same thing, do not be confused, in the world of Psyche, things can be one thing and many things at the same time. Mostly men are not aware of Hydra, but occasionally she surfaces as her duty IS to protect the cared for sacred spring from those who are not ready nor worthy to receive its waters.”

‭Raven ; “But if the pool or lake or deep water IS Man’s psyche, then Hydra being a part of that is part of Man’s psyche or soul and resides within ?”

Centaur ; ‭“That is exactly right.  And what might that part be? What is like a snake in the Soul of Man that reaches up its head through the Spheres of Heaven to the Vast Empyrean? Yet, when Man thinks he is suffering it persecutes him on the Cross of the Elements? “

‭Raven ; “ I know not.”

Centaur ; ‭“Come now Raven, you seek water, do you not? Do you not realise this burning thirst in your throat is not for mere physical water? For what you thirst and what you seek and what is contained within the Sacred Cup is the Water of Life, and to drink from it is to gain knowledge of the soul. That is your function! To drive Man along , to seek the sacred wisdom and to gain knowledge of the soul, by observing the acts and lives of the Gods and their companions … which Man calls ‘myth’.”


‭ Raven ;  “I  see ......  Does not man have a force inside him that is curled up and sleeping in water, and due to certain circumstances, may arise and ascend, returning through the vast spheres which gave his incarnation form when previously descending FROM that original source and this, like a rearing serpent may return and pierce the veil into that very Empyrean?”

‭Centaur; “Yes, that is so … and tell me, how Raven, did you come to that knowledge?”

‭Raven ; “Well , it is still my duty to watch - the ravens on Earth do that for me and still report to me. Some time back one of them delivered unto me a strange document and in it, it had a diagram … I will show it to you.”

‭[ Raven produces a sheet of parchment from beneath his wing, but as he unrolls it The Magpies fly in  and alight again in a row upon a string of stars.]

‭Raven ; “Oh, not again! What now ? ‘

‭Magpie 1 ; “Peace  be upon you Brother  Raven, we portend sacred events, hear out our  Chorus if you would learn.”

‭ Magpie 2 : “Lift up this love of peace and bliss,

The starry soul of wine,

Destruction's formidable kiss,

The lamp of the divine:

This shadow of a nobler name

Whose life is strife,‭ ‬whose soul is fame‭!”

‭Magpie 3: “ I rather will exalt the soul

Of man to loftier height,

And kindle at a livelier coal

The subtler soul of light.

From these soft splendours of a dream

 turn! ‭ ‬and seek the Self supreme. “

Magpie 1 ‭; “‬ This world is shadow-shapen of

The bitterness of pain.

Vain are the little lamps of love‭!

The light of life is vain‭!

Life,‭ ‬death,‭ ‬joy,‭ ‬sorrow,‭ ‬age and youth

Are phantoms of a further truth.‭”

‭Magpie 2;  “Beyond the splendour of the world,

False glittering of the gold,

A Serpent is in slumber curled

In wisdom's sacred cold.

Life is the flaming of that flame.

Death is the naming of that name,”

Magpie 3 :‭ “‬ The forehead of the snake is bright

With one immortal star,

Lighting her coils with living light

To where the nenuphar

Sleeps for her couch.

All darkness dreams

The thing that is not,‭ ‬only seems.‭ “

‭Magpie 1; “That star upon the serpent's head

Is called the soul of man.

That light in shadows subtly shed

The glamour of life's plan.

The sea whereon that lotus grows

Is thought's abyss of tears and woes.

 Magpie 2 ‭; “‬ Leave Sirenusa‭! ‬Even Greece

Forget‭! ‬they are not there‭!

By worship cometh not the Peace,

The Silence not by prayer.

Leave the illusions,‭ ‬life and time

And Death,‭ ‬and seek that star sublime,”

Magpie 3 ‭; “‬ Until the lotus and the sea

And snake no longer are,

And single through Eternity

Exists alone the Star,

And utter Knowledge rise,‭ ‬and cease

In that which is beyond the Peace‭!”

‭ [They fly off.]

‭Raven ; “ They are eloquent … I will give them that. Now, where was I? Oh yes, this diagram one of my raven’s bought to me.” ( Raven unfolded it and showed it to Centaur ) .

‭[outer curtain closes ]

‭Scene    - The Doodle .

‭Nymph ....

‭[outer curtain opens ,  small backdrop is the ‘doodle’   with backdrop 1 behind it .Raven and Cetaur are examining the doodle ]

Centaur ; ‭“That is strange indeed brother Raven, but it is not unusual for Man to try to understand things thus. Although obscure, we can see them struggling towards understanding of the concepts.

‭“ It appears you have comprehension of the process and now can see how one side of our worthy Hydra is that spirit in Man’s soul that may rise above and comprehend the Greater God?”

‭Raven ; “ Yes, but what does this have to do with suffering ? And why does Hydra at times have many heads and not one.”

Centaur; “ Because men sometimes cannot see it that way,‭ ‬they have trouble seeming unity as they live in duality,‭ ‬and duality spreads to triplicity and before you know it you have multiplication of forms‭ …‬ like‭ ‬those fellows  Plato and Lao Tsu tried to explain to them.‭ ‬So sometimes it is explained in that multiplication of forms.‭”

‭Raven; “How so?”

‭Centaur ; “ Have you seen the reverse of the diagram that was delivered to you?”

‭Raven ; “Reverse ? … It has a reverse? “

‭Centaur; “Raven!  You must really learn to pay attention, it is very frustrating to the forces that be and rule our development and spiritual growth when they drop things in our lap and we hardly notice! Turn it over and look at the other side.”

‭[ curtain closes ]

‭Scene  - The ‘Evil’  Hydra .    

‭[ curtain opens  - same scene but the reverse of the image is now up .]

‭Nymph .....

Raven ;  “ That IS rather strange.‭ ‬I am wondering what all those heads represent‭? ‬I know not what in Man has many heads.‭”‬

Centaur ; “ ‭The soul that is inside man came from the Empyrean and passed through the seven spheres, these are the 7 gifts that Man can have, if he grows and develops properly, they will , in turn awaken in him”

‭“Did you not listen to the Magpies chorus? ‘The forehead of the snake is bright with one immortal star’ and ‘That star upon the serpent's head is called the soul of man.’ “

Raven ; “Ah yes‭!‬That eye on the brow that sees in spirit is its head and its tail lies in man‭’‬s reproductive organs‭ …‬ its all curled up together but when the snake awakens‭ …‬ and comes up from the depths of the water it must make sure the person is worthy to receive its blessing‭ …‬ “ ( he thinks a bit more ) ‭ …‬ “ and that connects Man‭’‬s sacred creative ability with his inner vision‭ …‬ that‭’‬s rather clever‭ …‬ whoever thought of that‭ ‬.‭ ‬I see why it is not shown on the diagram as it is hidden within the body,‭ ‬but the soul,‭ ‬on a higher and more subtle plane sees through that‭ ‬secret eye.‭ ‬But man fears these as well,‭ ‬and some think them evil‭?”

‭Centaur ; “Some give them more trouble than others, Venus for example and the sexual energy. But consider other parts of the Magpie’s chorus; ‘And kindle at a livelier coal the subtler soul of light. From these soft splendours of a dream I turn, and seek the Self supreme.” And “Lighting her coils with living light, to where the nenuphar sleeps ... All darkness dreams - The thing that is not, only seems. “

Raven ; “But I am getting‭ ‬a little confused did not Hercules cut the heads off the Hydra in another story,‭ ‬thus defeating her‭ ?”‬

Centaur ; ‭“Hercules again ! Hercules’ journey is about Man’s literalist approach, and how his ego opposes lost soul. Of course soul can NEVER be defeated by ego … it may seem to be supressed for a time but like all suppression it resurfaces in different ways and in multiples of itself.

‭“ Hercules! Bah !  That is one of those myths that shows Man’s wrong approach … so , of course, everyone admires him. “

‭“If you remember the story, the thing that happened when Hercules cut off any of the Hydras heads was, firstly, water gushed out … he released the waters of the depths contained within the depths of Man’s psyche. And secondly each neck then grew three heads. This is because when man cannot understand singularity - the Empyrean, firstly manifests in Triplicity; the thing itself and how it manifests in the world of duality, thus the mortals always have lessons in Triplicity; Life – birth & death, Tao – Yin & Yang, Humanity – man & woman and recently electrical charge – positive and negative … and so on …”

‭Raven :  “And on this diagram, on both sides we see that unity, and below are the nine heads, making the ten, and also the first three above, with the 7 below … and I assume those 7 relate to the 7 stars that wander about the sky, unfixed as we seem to be?”

‭Centaur ; “Now you are getting the hang of it.”

Raven : ‭“But Man sees these things as bad things as well?”


Centaur ; “Ah yes‭! ‬But Man perceives in duality. He sees one thing as two things that are separate and then separate men decide which side of duality is reality.‭ ‬So then is Man in conflict‭; ‬man against man.‭ ‬The man of Wisdom however sees One and all men as one.‭ ‬To some men,‭ ‬and in Man at some times,‭ ‬there is a view that these eyes,‭ ‬or senses,‭ ‬or processes of the One are hindrances.‭ ‬Some have called them‭ ‬‘sore spots‭’‬ and are offended by their various functions.‭ ‬In duality they can be seen as‭ ‬‘either‭’‬ levels through which Men have fallen,‭ ‬and hence are barriers to the One,‭ ‬or stages through which Man can ascend and comprehend the One.‭ ‬But like your parchment and diagrams,‭ ‬they are,‭ ‬of course two sides of the one parchment.‭ ‬If one holds it up to the Light and allows Light to pass through it and illuminate it and that same light strikes one‭’‬s eye than the One and one image can be seen.‭”

‭Raven ; ( takes up the image and holds it up to the light to see both sides  as one ) “But I know many men do not see it like that’ protested raven ‘they live in fear of the forces deep within … many don’t want to look within.”

Centaur ; “Thats true .  I have seen men and women even listening to a story such as this‭ ‬,‭ ‬just the first part,‭ ‬and then declare they want to hear no more‭ ‬– just‭ ‬when they are at the crucial point of having great mysteries revealed to them‭ ! ‬“

“ If the soul is not honored or accepted in the right way‭ ‬,‭ ‬which is according to its nature,‭ ‬it can demand attention,‭ ‬it can morph and twist the images,‭ ‬seeking a form that WILL get attention and it wont give up until it does get some type of attention.‭ ‬This can make some men more afraid and more reluctant to see the soul and forces and unconscious needs within,‭ ‬which in turn morphs the soul into more torturous forms‭ ‬,‭ ‬which of course creates more fear for the man and more torture for the soul‭ …‬.‭ ‬Until it all ends up in a right mess and Hydra has become the monster instead of the teacher and men are fearful to look below the surface and into the deep water of their psyche.”

[ The Magpies return].

M1. “ Far out with the foam of the present that sweeps to the surf of the past:‭

Where beyond the extreme sea-wall,‭ ‬and between the remote sea-gates,‭

Waste water washes,‭ ‬and tall ships flounder,‭ ‬and deep death waits: “

M2. “ Where,‭ ‬mighty with deepening sides,‭ ‬clad about with the seas as with wings,‭

And impelled of invisible tides,‭ ‬and fulfilled of unspeakable things,”

M3. “ White-eyed and poisonous-finned,‭ ‬shark-toothed and serpentine-curled,‭

Rolls,‭ ‬under the whitening wind of the future,‭ ‬the wave of the world.‭ “

M1 ; “The depths stand naked in sunder behind it,‭ ‬the storms flee away‭;

In the hollow before it the thunder is taken and snared as a prey‭;

‭M2 ; “With travail of day after day, and with trouble of hour upon hour;

And bitter as blood is the spray‭; ‬and the crests are as fangs that devour:‭

M3 : “And its vapour and storm of its steam as the sighing of spirits to be‭;

And its noise as the noise in a dream‭; ‬and its depth as the roots of the sea:‭

M1; “And the height of its heads are the height of the utmost stars of the air:‭

And the ends of the earth at the might thereof tremble,‭ ‬and time is made bare.

M2 ; “ Will ye bridle the deep sea with reins,‭ ‬will ye chasten the high sea with rods‭?

Will ye take her to chain her with chains,‭ ‬who is older than all ye Gods‭?

Ye are Gods,‭ ‬and behold,‭ ‬ye shall die,‭ ‬and the waves be upon you at last.

All ye as a wind shall go by,‭ ‬as a fire shall‭ ‬ye pass and be past .”

[ The Magpies  fly off ]

Raven ;  ‭“I   see .  …   It seems to me ,  at times Man must go through a ‘dark night’ in relation to his soul. But what has all this to do with me?”

‭Centaur ; “Your adventures are just not happenstance. Your story is a myth to instruct Man in the way of his development, if he can and has the will to develop his ability to perceive it .

‭‘So you see, dear Raven … that is getting older and wiser before my eyes, as we continue our discourse … Man must ever develop, understand  and strengthen those senses, and bring them into balance so they can rise higher up the Tree of Knowledge and perceive that one Empyrean from whence they were born and to which they shall return.”


‭Raven ; “Unto what purpose O wise Centaur?”

‭Centaur ; “ OH!” ( he laughs )  “Not even the Gods know that, that is the one thing that his hidden from even them, they themselves are not privy to any purpose of the Empyrean … that is why Man is such a mystery to us – besides the issues of their behavior … but then again it seems not much better than the Gods at times.”

‭Raven : “ I can vouch to that ! It  was certainly true of Apollo! But still, here I am; stuck here and cannot move.”

‭( Raven flapps and flutters his wings to no avail.)

Centaur ; ‭“That is our fate and function. My centaurs move about and converse with me as do your ravens. It is not for us to move along Man’s path but to assist that movement. We feel that we are suspended in space unmoving, pinned in position by the unmoving stars that make up our bodies while beneath us the world spins on its axis and turns about the Sun. But from Man’s perspective, he is stuck on Earth and watches us and the heavens rotate above him. It all depends on one’s point of view.”

‭Raven ; “ “Well, that is very interesting … but Man does not particularly like the Raven, he associates us with Apollo’s curse , believes we reside in hell and rule over death.”

Centaur ; ‭“Well, that is partially true but if Man seeks to understand the full story, if he ‬chooses to learn from what the Gods and us and our stories teach him, he ‭can understand … and many do. “

‭“ Have you noticed that you are no longer dry and parched and are beginning to speak wisdom instead of cawing and croaking and complaining about yourself and your situation?”

‭Raven : “ Well, yes, now that you mention it. I do feel much better and refreshed … although I am still  a little thirsty.”

‭Centaur ; “You have drunk some of the water of life, that water that is indeed sweet, and the water that nourishes development of the soul. But you remain thirsty as you desire more of this knowledge.

‭“ And that , dear Raven, is your precious gift to man, the thirst that inspires him ever onward to seek hidden knowledge, clothed in symbol, analogy and myth (as that is the language of the soul), and to continually advance.”

Raven : ‭“Well I must say this is all food for thought … it is great food though … and I feel somewhat more satisfied with my lot than ever … although I must admit I am STILL hungry.”


Centaur ; ( laughs ) ‭”‬Of course you are‭ ! ‬And so shall you remain,‭ ‬feasting and drinking amongst the stars,‭ ‬finding satisfaction but never being completely satisfied‭ ‬..‭ ‬and that,‭ ‬of course is the way it should be.‭ ‬Eventually Man will reach a further understanding,‭ ‬and with that a new golden age will come.‭ ‬The figs shall again ripen and when Apollo or Zeus uproot that tree and together with the Hydras pool,‭ ‬hurl it up into the heavens and the stars have moved about their greater course‭ ‬-‭ ‬which they actually do,‭ ‬but unseen of us and Man -  You shall once again sit in that tree and eat to your content and drink the sweet water of truth and share that with Man,‭ ‬as that is Man‭’‬s final destiny,‭ ‬if he will accept it.

Raven :  “But Man doesn‭’‬t realise that,‭ ‬he shuns the darkness and fears it.‭”‬

Centaur ; ‭“Not all Men … some realise the depths of their psyche holds the key to release their soul, they have understood that repression of this realm by their ego only causes more complications and difficulty. Those are the types that do you honor. And you must, regardless of what the others say about you, or how they treat you, expose this world to all, you must rip open the covering and expose their truth, or false hoods within, so they must learn from them … and you must never give up … as your ravens on earth know by instinct. Never let them scare or chase you away … stay just out of reach, but NEVER give up on them.

“ In fact my dear Raven you are one of the most significant and important symbols for the development of Man’s salvation ! “

‭Raven ; ( stands proud and tall , looking triumphant )

‭[Curtain closes  .... lights dim .... a spot on upper right comes on revealing the Orator on the side of the stage ]

‭Orator ; “ And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting

On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door‭;

And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming,

And the lamp-light o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor‭;

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor

Shall be lifted‭   ‬-‭   for  ‬evermore‭! “

‭[ lights out ]

‭END .






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