Independence Day Challenge

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Do Brits get a paid holiday today?

Anyways, independence has several connotations and layers. Think Shrek with his onion.

We can certainly celebrate America’s birthday, and we should (even if it’s become a faceless military dictatorship with all the machinery’s bells and whistles; replete with political Bozos)

Let us harken towards the imagery of George Washington amount a stately Grey  Virginia Thoroughbred pointing the tip of his basic hanger, albeit with silver trim and green dyed ivory hilt, towards you, dear bum.

As Washington channels his qi through one of Tesla’s electromagnetic portals from the aforementioned hilt through the high carbon blade and touching you, dear bum, at this moment, realize that this qi beckons you towards complete independence, thus completeness.

For far too long has hate spoken loudly.

greed is also long winded and boastful.

Time is come for Love, which is Beauty and Truth, to let it’s voice be heard in song, in everyday conversation, and in Action and Deed, thus receive this qi and acquire great Merit.

Gain Independence and share with All. Gather yourself a Sword as this one, a Sword that heals.

Have a Happy Fourth of July.


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